Overview of the Media center

The Media center view displays your media collection and helps you organize your audio and video files.

You can explore and search your music. You can edit files and copy them to other devices.

The media center views

In the navigation, the media center provides several views to display various content of your media collection.

  • The Music view arranges, groups and sorts your music by genres, artists and albums.
  • The Movies and entertainment view separates media files into categories, such as movies, TV series, audiobooks, audio and video podcasts, etc.
  • The All media files view shows the folder structure of your media collection.
  • The Playlist view displays your playlists and allows you to create, edit and import/export playlists.

Using the media center

The media center views provide some controls to display, manage and edit your media collection.

Figure 1. Detail of a media center view

The Music Universe

The Music Universe is only available in the Music view. It helps you to find more music you might like. The music universe shows a network of similar artists. Thick relationship lines mark similar artists and the size of a picture indicates the popularity of an artist. Browse through the Music Universe or pin an artist to keep it in the center. To close the music universe, click , again.

Audials Anywhere

Manage your Audials Anywhere connections or create a new Audials Anywhere connection.
Note: To display content from existing Audials Anywhere connections, click Export/import storage and select an Anywhere device.

View and functions

With the option View, you can customize how your music is being displayed. The Functions control offers options to manage, edit and tag files of your media collection.