Copying, exporting and importing files

Audials One offers import and export functionality to copy music and video files from your PC to external devices and storages, and vice versa. This includes USB devices, cloud storages, and also CD burners and ringtone creators.
Note: Exporting and importing can be done in the in the Media center views, exporting can also be done in the Player.

Step-by-Step: Copying, exporting and importing files

  1. Navigate to a suitable view.
    • To import and export in the Media center views: In the navigation, click one of the Media center views.
    • To export in the Player, continue with the next step.
  2. Click Export/import storage and choose a storage to export to or to import from.
    Figure 1. Exporting and importing in the Media center views. Note the Standard storage button on the bottom left, the Export storage button on the bottom right, and red buttons for copying files to and from in between.

    Figure 2. Exporting in the Player. Note the Export storage button and the red button for copying files to a storage on the top of the Player.

  3. In the list of files, select all files to export or import.
    • To select specific files, press and hold the Ctrl key, and then click each file, one by one.
    • To select all files in the current list, click one file, and then press Ctrl+A.
    Tip: In the Media center, all files stored on the standard storage are displayed in white, all files on the export/import storage are displayed in blue and files on both storages are displayed in light blue.
  4. Click Copy. (See Figure 1 and Figure 2)


Audials One copies all selected files to the chosen storage.