Searching for music and videos

In the Music search view, find songs and music videos on the Internet to listen to or download them.
  • To choose between searching for music or for music videos click Songs and audio tracks or Music videos on the top right of the Music search view. This provides better quality of the search results.
  • To get various search results, use different search views.
    Figure 1. Overview of the Music search views
    View Functions

    Search for artists, albums or songs.

    Type in an artist, album or song name into the search box and click Music search.

    Click Similar to access the Music universe, which helps you to find more music you might like.

    Top artists

    Search for music of top artists of a genre.

    On the top left of this view, select a genre and click Music search. By clicking an artist in the list of search results, Audials One searches for albums and tracks of this artist.

    Own artists

    Search for music and videos from artists of your own collection.

    Click an artist to let Audials One search for music of this artist.

    Charts, sampler

    Search for music from charts and sampler of a special year or genre.

    On the top left of this view, select a genre, year or both and click Music search to start search for Charts and Sampler of this genre or year. Clicking on a Charts/Sampler icon provides you the full track list.

  • To get more music you might like, use the music universe. The music universe shows a network of similar artists. Thick relationship lines mark similar artists and the size of a picture indicates the popularity of an artist. Browse through the Music Universe or pin an artist to keep it in the center. To close the music universe, click , again.
  • To filter sources of the search results, click Filter and select or deselect sources.
  • To display only one or more search results per title, click Less and More on the top left of the list of search results.