Compiling and fulfilling wish lists

Add artists, albums or songs to your wish list to have Audials One record music and music videos from Internet radio stations and web sites like Youtube. Use the Music wishes view to, for example, get all the media files from a specific artist.

Before you begin

In the navigation, click Music wishes.


Figure 1. Music wishes view with your wish list. Above the wish list, there's the toolbar with commands for:
  • adding wishes,
  • wish list functions and commands, and
  • wish edit commands.

Adding wishes to your wish list

Search for an artist, album or song, or discover music via one of the proposal features, and add items that you would like to have recorded to your wish list.

  1. On the toolbar, click Music wishes.
    The Add music wishes window opens.
  2. Type your wish in the Artist, song or sampler box, or click through the proposals in Top songs Top artists.
  3. Select an album, artist or title and click Wish....
    The selected item is marked with a magic wand symbol, and it is added to your wish list, in the Audials One main window.
  4. Repeat step 3 to add more wishes. When you have compiled your wish list, close the Add music wishes window.

FAQs for adding wishes

The Add music wishes window does not contain my wish. What gives?

The data for the proposals and recommendations is automatically updated on a regular basis. It may take some time for a brand new album, song or artist, to be included.

Audials One can fulfill artist and song wishes even when they are not yet included in the proposal and recommendation functions. Simply type in such wishes, directly.

Fulfilling your wish list

When you have compiled your wish list, you can choose fulfill settings concerning recording sources, what and how much to record, and start fulfilling.

  1. Below your wish list, click Fulfill....
  2. Choose fulfill settings for your wishlist.
    Figure 2. Fulfill settings in Audials One Platinum. settings overview. help icons for specific settings. Hover to see explanations.

    • Under Formats and versions, select between audio files and music video, and how many song versions to record.
    • Under Sources and settings, select between radio stations and music websites as sources. Rule of thumb: the more sources allowed, the more wishes can be fulfilled quickly. But also, the lower the quality of the recorded files. Each source offers a set of further settings, like filters for radio stations, and formats and quality filters for music websites.
    • Under Recording job, select how much or how long to fulfill.
  3. Confirm your settings by clicking Fulfill now.
    Audials One starts to search for your music wishes.


Audials One records your wishes, as soon as they are available on one of the selected sources.

Recording progress is indicated within the wish list, and on the bottom of the Music wishes view. All recorded files appear in the Player.

Fulfilling several wish lists

You can create or import further wish lists. While one wish list is fulfilling, you can edit, import or export another. You can also let Audials One fulfill several wish lists, in parallel.

  • To create a new wish list, click Functions on the toolbar, and then click Create new wishlist....
  • You can start and stop fulfilling each wish list, individually. Audials One fulfills wish lists in parallel.
  • Each wish list can be fulfilled with different settings.
  • Audials One creates automatic playlists for each wish list. These automatic playlists contain the recordings made for their related wish list.