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New! Audials Informer April 2020

The past few weeks have been a very twitchy time for people all around the world because of the coronavirus. Physical contact with other people should be avoided if possible. The Audials Team wishes you healthiness and that you can overcome this time without any problems.  

It may be possible that you're currently at home and not sure about how to spend this additional time.  Maybe you want to expand your video library or music collection? In the Audials Informer, you will find wish lists for various music genres, series and movie highlights on Netflix and Amazon and much more! 

Find out about the Latest Songs

The first opportunity to expand your music collection is Audials Brandnew, which includes all the songs that have been published recently.

US Singles, Dance, Pop & Co

Sorted by genre, Entertain Music provides you with more wishlists including the best chart songs.   

Video Streaming Tips

For movies and series fans, we have compiled a list of highlights in video streaming in Audials Films and Soundtracks.  

Let Your Mind Wander

Bring spring home with Spring Moods, one of four wish lists in Audials Moods

Podcast Tip

Are you interested in technology? Then maybe the Audials Podcast of the Month would be an option for you? 

Independent Hits of the Month

You have already listened to all the songs of all your favorite genres? Maybe independent hits would be a good fit for you?   

Lyrics Recommendation

In Audials Lyrics, we present you a lyrics that is worth a closer look.    

Artists of the Month

In Audials Tribute, we suggest songs by artists who celebrated their birthday this month. Here you can also get some information about the artists themselves. Let us surprise you!   

Tip of the Month

With over 100,000 radio stations in Audials, it can be difficult to find the one that plays music you like. We'll explain how to find it quickly

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