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New! Audials Informer February 2020

Regardless of whether the latest music, chart songs from different genres or a huge selection of recently streamed movies, shows or documentations: All this is waiting for you in February. 

Brand New Songs

You can't wait to listen to new releases? Then you must check out: Audials Brand New

Rock, Pop & Co.

In Entertain Music you can see wish lists for all six genres at a glance, waiting to be discovered by you. 

New Movies and Shows

In case you’re suffering from a lack of movies, we provide on the following website a collection of movies and shows, which big streaming services just added towards their media centers: Audials Movies and Soundtracks

Audials Moods

We ensure a steady good mood with the four Audials Moods wishlists.

Indie Songs

You are curious about different music than the mainstream one? Our suggestion: Check out Independent Hits of the Month.

Podcast Suggestion

For everyone who wants to stay updated on Internet and digitization, there is the Audials Podcast of the Month for February. 

Lyrics Recommendation

 Are you not only interested in listening to a song but also having a closer look on its lyrics? In Audials Lyrics you will find one that we have selected for you this month. 

Audials Tribute

Some information about those artists who had their birthdays in January and wish lists including their songs can be found in Audials Tribute

Tip of the Month

Have you ever tried radio stations mass recording? This feature enables you to choose a music genre and a country. Audials then will record a huge amount of songs for you to your taste. You will find an instruction for the mass recording feature here. 

You missed an Informer?

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