What was up with the Films and Soundtracks in January?

The Soundtracks and Movies that are Worth Checking Out

1) Recommended Soundtracks

The Best Soundtracks are From Now On Recommended to You from the Editorial Team

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The team from Audials delivers the best movie soundtracks from the latest movies. Charts, oldies, rock and a lot other genres are presented so that there will be great songs for every musical taste.

Soundtracks from Series and Movies of the MonthSongSeries/Movie
Charlotte Day WilsonWorkGood Girls Season 2
Elle KingBaby OutlawGood Girls Season 2
SpellesDead in the WaterGood Girls Season 2
WarpaintBillie HolidayGood Girls Season 2
TrainDrops of JupiterGood Girls Season 2
Peter CeteraGlory of LoveGood Girls Season 2
Betta LemmeKick the DoorGood Girls Season 2
ProgrammLike the SunGood Girls Season 2
BlouseThey Always Fly AwayGood Girls Season 2
Danger Mouse & Daniele LuppiMorning FogGood Girls Season 2

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2) What’s new on Amazon Prime Video™ and Netflix™?

Our monthly overview presents the highlights of the latest and best movies, series and documentaries

Amazon Prime Video™


The Skeleton Twins 

The twins Milo and Maggie understand that they will get rid of their problems only when they keep together. 

Danny Collins 

The rock star Danny Collins (Al Pacino) receives a letter that John Lennon has written to him 40 years earlier. This letter is a revelation for Collins and makes him reflect what is really important for him in his life. 


Just Add Magic: Mystery City: Season 1 

The kids Zoe, Leo and Ish are the new possessors of a magic cookbook that induces them to start an adventure journey and to search for a mysterious recipe. 

The Forgotten Army: Season 1 

This series shows how Lieutenant Sodhi’s and his soldiers’ heroism led to the liberation of India during World War II. 


James May: Our Man in Japan: Season 1 

In this documentary, James May starts a journey to Japan to meet the people there, to show some interesting places and to learn more about the Japanese culture. 

Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer: Season 1 

This documentary puts the murders of the serial killer Ted Bundy in relation to the feminism debate of that time. 




A science-fiction film with Leonardo DiCaprio about Dom Cobb who finds a new subtle method how to manipulate people. 

A Fall From Grace 

Grace is accused of having murdered her husband who has given her hope that finally, she would be happy. Can Jasmine, who has just started working as a lawyer, help her? 


Anne with an E: Season 3 

It is the last season of the story about an orphan girl who is adopted by Marilla Cuthbert and her brother who initially wanted a boy to work on their farm. 

Grace and Frankie: Season 6 

Grace and Frankie have been abandoned by their husbands and realize that it is better for them to support each other although it seems that the two women have little in common. 


Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak: Season 1 

In this documentary, an answer is searched for the question how a global influenza outbreak can be avoided. 

Taylor Swift: Miss Americana 

This documentary will give you many information about the life and success story of one of the most well-known singers. 

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