Listen to, record, enjoy radio, podcasts & music with the podcast and radio app Audials Play

Audials Play is your allrounder radio & podcast app on your Android smartphone. You will always have your favorite radio stations and podcasts with you! You can also record or download music wirelessly from your PC.
In the new rich, generous and personalized design, it is simply fun to be entertained first-class at all times.
And best of all: the app is free and ad-free!

All radios in the world

Discover 100,000 radio stations by genre, country, type of music played, stream quality. Listen to them instantly with one tap. Avoid stations that play commercials frequently.


Your personal favorites

Organize your stations into several favorites lists. Or favor artists and get fantastic new station suggestions!
With just a few taps you can turn the app into a very personal radio experience.

Exactly your music

Do you like dance or electronic music? or do you rather prefer to listen to rock, metal, hits or classical music?
Audials Play offers you countless radio stations for your personal musical taste, no matter how special it may be, guaranteed.


Enjoy all podcasts

More than 300,000 podcasts with millions of episodes offer the best entertainment. Regardless of whether you are interested in science, comedy or political topics - Audials Play has it for you. Of course they can also be downloaded.

Record pieces of music from the radio

Record radio stations and get neatly separated mp3 tracks. This is how a music collection grows in case you don't always have Internet! You can also program recordings with Audials Play.


Transfer music wirelessly from PC

Simply install the free Audials Play on your PC and you will see all the music from the PC in your app, and you can download it wirelessly to your smartphone.

Your car radio

Thanks to full Android Auto compatibility, you will never be bored on the go: Listen to all the radios and podcasts while you are in the car!
If your car does not support this, no problem: The car mode allows you to operate the app ideally while driving.



Audials Play is your reliable and convenient radio player, radio recorder,

podcast player and music music organizer for Android.

Compared to other radio player apps, Audials Play is the best way to listen to your favorite music.


Scan with your Android camera to get Audials on Google Play for free!

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