You are looking for an answer how to screen record Netflix in a fast and simple manner? Many people want to screen record Netflix, but they do not know how they can do it or they only see a black screen.  On this page we will present you the best Netflix screen recorders that help you to watch Netflix offline anytime you like.

Best way to screen record Netflix

With Audials One, you can screen record high-quality streaming video at up to 4x speed, find subtitles, and edit your video.

Important: DMCA 1201
The US Copyright Act (DMCA) stipulates in Article 1201 that no "effective protection" of copyright-protected content may be circumvented.
The tools "Audials Movie" and "Audials One" presented here fully meet these requirements. More information

At a Glance: Comparison of the Best Tools to Record Netflix

Here you will get an overview of all tools that we are going to present you on this page:

 Audials OneAudials MovieVmakerEaseUSWondershareiTopiMyFone FilmeBandicam
Recording speed4x4x1x1x
Batch recording------
Remove ads automatically------
Find & add subtitles--only adding---
Video manager----
Video editor---
Record music streaming--
Listen to and record radio and podcasts--RecordRecordRecord-Record
Audio editor---
Price$59.90$39.90$7 per month$69.95$46.00 per yearfree$79.95$39.95

* You will need Parallels to use Audials software on Mac. More info


The Best Tools to Record Netflix on a Windows 11 or 10 PC

Below you will find a more detailed description of the best Netflix screen recorders.

Learn how to screen record Netflix

1. Netflix screen recorder Audials One [winner]

Audials One is a very powerful tool when it comes to recording video streams from Netflix in high quality. This tool can screen record Netflix movies, series, and documentaries in FullHD (1080p)

Audials One comes up with additional features that make screen recording even easier and more practical: If you want to save time, you can let Audials One play back and record Netflix in highspeed. Then you will get a video with a duration of 120 minutes within 30 minutes without loss of quality. With the batch recording feature, you can even record several movies one after another automatically in highspeed, too. For Netflix subscriptions with ads, Audials can remove the ads automatically. Add subtitles to your videos in any language.

Before starting to screen record, you can decide whether you activate GPU encoding. That will help you to maximize your graphics card's performance to provide you with the best possible video quality. With Audials you can directly screen record in the file format you need, for example MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV or choose one of the profiles that are required for specific tablets and smartphones (for example Amazon, Microsoft, LG, Samsung, Apple, Sony are available). 

A video converter is included in case you need the video in a different file format. Thanks to the video manager, your movies and series will be tagged and sorted according to genres automatically. A video editor for cutting and cropping is included, too.

In addition, Audials One records any music streaming, including Spotify, Amazon Music and Tidal in high-resolution quality. It automatically adds ID3 tags and automatically separates the songs from each other. Search well-known streaming services for albums, songs and playlists with Audials One and record all the music tracks you like. Choose from over 100,000 radio stations in all languages ​​and thousands of podcasts and record them all. With Audials One, rearranging, cutting or adding fade-ins to music is easy and convenient.

It is not required to enter your Netflix credentials into Audials One because you will play back your Netflix videos in your browser. Audials One works for Windows with the Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers only. You will need to install Parallels in order to use Audials One on Mac.


  • save videos in Full HD (1080p)
  • record at 4x speed
  • remove ads automatically
  • add subtitles
  • GPU encoding available
  • various file formats
  • built-in video converter
  • works for Chrome, Firefox, Edge
  • does not ask for your Netflix credentials
  • video manager
  • cut and crop your video
  • available for Windows and Apple Mac (via Parallels)


  • record music streaming from Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal etc. in HiRes quality
  • automatic song separation and ID3 tags
  • record podcasts and radio stations
  • audio editor


  • ​​​​​​does not support the Opera browser (but only Chrome, Firefox and Edge)
  • does not work for M1 Mac

The Netflix screen recorder Audials One

How to screen record Netflix with Audials software witout black screen

Step 1: Launch Audials

Download and install one of the two Netflix screen recorders on your Windows 10 or 11 PC and start it. Choose the required video format in the lower part of Audials Movie/ Audials One.

Step 2: Prepare the screen recording

Switch to Video Streaming and click Netflix. In the next steps, please choose the browser you need to record from and if needed, activate the highspeed recording, subtitles, etc.

Step 3: Play back your Netflix video

Once you play back a video, Audials automatically detects and screen records it. When Netflix screen recording is done, you will see the audio file in the upper right corner of Audials. 


2. Audials Movie

With the Windows tool Audials Movie, all videos available on Amazon Video can also be recorded and saved to the PC as video files. Audials Movie specializes in recording video streaming. The difference to Audials One is that all functions for music streaming, podcasts and radio are missing.


  • save videos in Full HD (1080p)
  • record at 4x speed
  • remove ads automatically
  • add subtitles
  • GPU encoding available
  • various file formats
  • built-in video converter
  • works for Chrome, Firefox, Edge
  • does not ask for your Netflix credentials
  • video manager
  • cut and crop your video
  • available for Windows and Apple Mac (via Parallels)


  • ​​​​​​does not support the Opera browser (but only Chrome, Firefox and Edge)
  • does not work for M1 Mac

The Netflix screen recorder Audials Movie

How to screen record Netflix with EaseUS RecExperts:

Step 1: Start EaseUS and open the Enhanced more section to record form the browser. Select the Netflix streaming sevice. 

Step 2: Define the part of your screen that you want to record (Full Screen or a region). Switch on the system sound and deactivate the microphone in EaseUS.

Step 3: Open the settings and choose the desired output video format.

Step 4: Now you are ready to click the recording button. Stop the recording manually as soon as the video has finished.

3. EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts as a very easy-to-use Netflix screen recorder for Windows and Mac that can record video streaming but also just audio, your webcam or computer games. It is very practical for the user that you can choose between many different file formats: MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG, VOB, ASF, TS and GIF. 

Here is an instruction how to use EaseUS RecExperts.


  • easy-to-use
  • records anything: video streams, audio, webcam or games
  • many different file formats available
  • auto stop
  • task scheduler
  • for Windows and Mac
  • record specific sources like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.


  • highspeed not available
  • no video editor

EaseUS RecExperts

How to screen record Netflix with Vmaker:

Step 1: Add Vmaker to your Chrome browser and open it in Chrome.

Step 2: Choose "Screen" and define whether you want to record the full screen or the current tab. Select audio, camera and recording quality.

Step 3: Play the Netflix video and start recording. Stop recording manually as soon as the video ends.

4. Vmaker

Vmaker is a Chrome extension that screen records Netflix content from the opened browser tab.
To use Vmaker, add it to your Chrome browser, select the resolution, for example 720p, and start recording.
Stop manually when the video ends. The file will be stored in the Vmaker cloud so that you will never run out of memory. In contrast to most trial versions, you will need to register before you try Vmaker. You can use the free version of Vmaker as often as you like, but better quality will be available with the paid subscription. For $7 per month, recording duration is maximum 25 minutes, with $10 per month it will be 4 hours.


  • Easy screen recording with a Chrome browser extension.
  • record as many videos as you want with the free version


  • Can be tried for free, but a registration is required.
  • Only the "Team" plan and the "Enterprise" plan can be used to screen record entire Netflix videos.

How to screen record Netflix with the further screen recorders for Netflix described here:

Step 1: Start the screen recording software and open the screen recording item menu. 

Step 2: Select which area pf the screen you want to record: Full screen or a specific area that you can define exactly. Switch off the microphone and activate the system sound. If there is an option to record the webcam, do not forget to deactivate it.

Step 3: Play the Netflix video in the browser and start recording. Stop recording manually as soon as the video ends.

5. iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is a very simple software to easily screen record any video content that you play back on your screen. Choose the screen size, activate the speaker and webcam and click the red REC button. In the paid version of iTop, you can even schedule a recording. A practical feature included in iTop is that system sleep of your PC can be deactivated while you are screen recording your movie or series. The video can be saved in the MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS and GIF video formats.  However, you will have to renounce of highspeed recording, video editing and a media manager in iTop.


  • records anything that is shown your screen
  • schedule recordings
  • prevents PC system sleep while recording


  • highspeed not available
  • no video editor

iTop Screen Recorder

6. iMyFone Filme

With iMyPhone Filme for Windows, you can screen record and edit any video content. To start recording, click the screen rec button and select the area of the screen that you want to record. Start and end the recording itself manually. The video then will appear in the upper left corner of Filme. Click the video so that it appears in the lower part of Filme where you can cut, crop and edit it. You can drag elements like smileys, arrows, transitions, effects like shake or flashing, or color filters to the video. When you are done with editing, export and save it as an MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV or Gif file.

As you can see from the description, iMyPhone is rather a video production software and screen recording is only one of the many functions. If you are a movie lover and just need to save a streaming video as it is, you will not need most of the editing functions, perhaps only cutting and cropping. Furthermore, it is not ideal that the screen recording button appears in the final video.


  • records anything that is shown on your screen
  • cut and crop videos
  • add effects, filters, transitions, elements


  • the recording button can be seen in the final video
  • only records at normal speed, no useful features for Netflix recording

iMyFone Filme

7. Wondershare DemoCreator

The Wondershare DemoCreator for Windows and Mac is useful if you are interested in editing your videos after you have screen recorded them. After the installtion you will be asked what kind of videos you are intending to create, you can choose for example gaming videos. Then Wondershare DemoCreator will start. Click Record Screen, then you will see the actual screen recorder where you can define the screen size, activate the system sound and click the red recording button to start screen recording Netflix. Once the video is done, stop recording by clicking the recording button. After that DemoCreator will offer you a fast export to save the video in the MP4 format. Later you can import the video into the editor and export it into MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, M4A and other formats.

That is a thing that some users could find confusing because it is difficult to choose the video format you need. So if you do not need MP4, you will have to convert your video afterwards. However, the main disadvantage of a simple screen recorder is that it only records in 1x speed

The good thing in Wondershare DemoCreator is that the video cutter and cropper are included.


  • records anything that is shown your screen
  • cut and crop videos
  • built-in video converter
  • for Windows and Mac


  • highspeed not available
  • it is difficult to initially choose a format other than MP4



Wondershare DemoCreator

8. Bandicam

With Bandicam you can record anything that is shown on your screen, including video streams, but also tutorials and games: If needed, you can record the mouse cursor movements and clicks. Bandicam has even a separate menu item for recording computer games.

To start screen recording, click the upper left tile showing the PC screen and choose whether you want to record the full screen or a part of it as shown in the screenhot. Then open the Video menu item to set the recording format, codec, frame rate, quality etc. If all settings are fine, you will be able to click the Rec button.

Bandicam has some limitations as it only records in AVI and MP4. So you will need an additional converter if you want to screen record Netflix in different formats. Furthermore, Bandicam does not work for the Edge browser.

Bandicam can be compared to Wondershare UniConverter as it is designed for various purposes, not just for recording video streams. Thus, Bandicam and UniConverter have in common that highspeed recording is not available.


  • special menu item for screen recording games
  • records mouse cursor and mouse clicks for tutorials
  • scheduled recording
  • records anything that is shown on your screen


  • records only in MP4 or AVI file formats
  • does not work with the Edge browser
  • highspeed not available


Summary: Audials One is the best Netflix Screen Recorder

Many Netflix screen recorders lack extra features that video streaming lovers would need to record movies and series easily, fast and conveniently, for example the highspeed recording, various output formats, video editing, subtitles, and automatic ads removal. Audials One has everything you need. Moreover, Audials One is a powerful recording tool for both music and video streaming, radio and podcasts. In sum, Audials One is the ultimate streaming recorder for video and audio.

How to screen record Netflix on Mac?

1. With Audials One/ Audials Movie

If you need to screen record Netflix series or movies on Apple Mac, install Parallels. Then you will be able to use Audials Movie on Mac. Here you will find more information.

2. With  other screen recorders

Alternatively, you can use the tools that work on Mac, for example the ones we have listed in the table.

3. With QuickTime

Start the QuickTime Player on your Mac device, open File and click New Screen Recording. Play back your video and start screen recording. Once your video has finished, it will be necessary to stop recording by hand. You can play back the video after recording.

Watching Netflix on Your Smartphone

How to screen record Netflix on your iPhone 

There is a simple and free way how to record a Netflix video from the screen of your iOS smartphone (iOS 11 or later): Swipe from the lower side of your iPhone and tap the screen recorder icon. Play back the video and tap the recording button again as soon as the video stops.

An alternative is to record Netflix on your PC with Audials Movie and to transfer the videos to your iPhone.

Or you can install the Netflix app on your iPhone and download video content from there. However, Netflix does not provide such downloads for all videos.

How to screen record Netflix on Android

To screen record Netflix on your Android phone, install a screen recording app, for example the free AZ Screen Recorder. Then tap the camera icon and play back Netflix. When the video ends, stop recording by tapping the recording button.

As for iPhone, you have the alternative to record Netflix on your PC with Audials Movie and to transfer the videos to your Android device.

Or you can install the Netflix app on your Android smartphone and download video content from there. However, Netflix does not provide such downloads for all videos and these downloads will expire.

Online Screen Recorders

If you do not want to install a software on your PC, you can use a free online screen recorder. You can use it for free to easily screen record content shown in your browser, even with your webcam. Please note that online screen recorders have limitations, for example they add watermarks to videos or limit the screen recording time. Often online screen recorders do not support scheduled recording or auto-stop or screen record in lower quality. That is why they are not the best solution for recording and enjoying high-quality movies.

How to Screen Record Netflix on a Windows PC with Xbox Game Bar

You can screen record video streaming from Netflix using the Xbox Game Bar that is available on your Windows PC. Though it is a less convenient method. It is important to know that this only works with the Firefox web browser. It will not work with the Netflix app or other web browsers, you will just see a black screen.

Step 1: Open Xbox Game Bar
Press the Windows key + G on your keyboard to open the Xbox Game Bar. This will work if you're playing a game or not.

Step 2: Access the Capture Widget
You'll see a series of widgets, but the one you're interested in for screen recording is the "Capture" widget. If it's not visible, you will find it in the top menu.

Step 3: Start Recording
Click on the round, red "Start Recording" button, or use the shortcut Windows key + Alt + R.

Step 4: Record Your Video
Play the video that you want to record. The Game Bar will display a small timer on your screen showing you the length of your current recording.

Step 5: Stop Recording
When the video has finished, you can press the stop button on the Capture widget, or use the same shortcut, Windows key + Alt + R, to stop the recording.

All your recordings will be stored in the "Captures" folder in your Videos library by default. You can access them by opening your File Explorer. Then select "Videos" on the left menu, and then open the "Captures" folder.

FAQ about Netflix and screen recording

Can you screen record Netflix?

Yes, you can screen record Netflix on your Windows 10 PC if you install a Netflix screen recorder, for example Audials Movie.

Could you explain how to screen record Netflix?

Install and launch Audials Movie. Open the Video Streaming section and click the Netflix tile. Play back your Netflix video and Audials Movie will record and save it as a video file to your PC. You can get a more detailed instruction here.

How can I remove the Netflix ads?

Netflix offers the "Basic with ads" plan for $6,99 per month. If you are subscribed to this plan, you are wondering how to remove the ads from your videos? In Audials Movie, a video editor is included so that you can cut and crop your video files. Remove any content that you do not need and enjoy your films and series!

How do I get Netflix subtitles in the correct language?

With Audials Movie, you have three options how to get Netflix subtitles while recording:

1. Have Audials search for subtitles on the web. The practical thing is that you can choose any language you need in Audials Movie.

2. Get the subtitles from Netflix directly as a separate layer. Choose this option if you need to play your video on other devices than your PC.

3. Get the subtitles from Netflix directly and render them into the video. 

How to record Netflix streaming on your iPhone or Android device

In latest versions of iPhone, a screen recorder tool is included that you can use for Netflix. If you have an Android smartphone, you will need to install a screen recording app. 

However, such tools on mobile phones will not offer you the entire set of features. For example, you could use Audials Movie on your Windows PC to screen record your movies and series, add subtitles in any language you like, remove Netflix ads with the video editor, improve the speech volume if the background noises are louder than the speech. Then you can copy the video to your mobile device and enjoy your perfect recordings.

How does Audials Movie work?

Audials Movie is a screen recorder tool and can be compared to a camera that films everything shown on your screen. Like this, you obtain a video file for personal use. Copy protection is NOT circumvented. Please read our legal information to learn more. 

Where do I get support for Audials Movie?

If you need help with Audials software, please visit our support page and submit a support request.

You did not find the recording method you were looking for?

WikiHow describes how to record with the Windows Game Bar.

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