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Record radio music with ease and enjoy

Your freedom

Get a music collection fast and in high quality. Why could it be relevant for me to record audio content?

  • "All looks awesome because Audials [...] automatically fetches the album covers for you"

  • "Listen and record  Radio music as an MP3 on your computer and smartphones without any hitch"

  • "Discover online Radios and Podcasts from all around the world and record them"

Audials impresses

We don’t expect you to simply take our word when it comes to our product: go ahead and check out other users’ feedback.

100,000 stations

Audials Radio provides a clear overview of all the stations from around the world. You can choose from 200 genres and countless countries and regions.

Precise song recording

Record songs from radio streams with precision. You can also select specific songs, artists or genres. Use our recording timer and optimize your recorded music in no time.

Add covers & lyrics

Audials Radio automatically adds titles, album covers and lyrics to each recording. You can manually change these tags at any time.

My radio

Create multiple top lists with your favorite stations and artists. Audials will surprise you with additional relevant suggestions!

Big-scale recording

Audials can simultaneously record up to 100 stations for you and provide you with massive music collections in no time.

Vast variety of music

Thanks to an endless selection of music and up-to-date artists, tracks and charts, you’ll always have the best music for every occasion. With your “Music Zoom”, you can immerse yourself further in the infinite world of music!

Precise audio editor

Edit your music like a pro down to the microsecond! Add fading to the beginning or end of your tracks, normalize the volume or export sections of the song.

Best overview of your music


Automatic tagging

Audials finds and adds tags and song lyrics. Comfortably edit several songs at once.

Add music to your devices

Manage your cloud storage and load music onto your smartphone.

Manage duplicates
Detect, edit or delete duplicate songs.

Non-stop radio thanks to app

Listen to radio stations on the go, either on your smartphone or in your car.

The Audials Play App is your ideal companion!

Your Music Manager

Audials organizes your gems and smoothly transfers them to your computer, smartphone or cloud. Edit and enjoy hundreds of thousands of songs trouble-free!

The world of podcasts

Discover over two million podcasts from around the world. Always keep up with the latest content: news, sports, comedy, suspense – you name it.

Right up your alley

Browse our 100 clearly organized categories or use our powerful full-text search engine to find exactly what you're interested in, in countless languages.

Always up to date

Always receive the latest episodes automatically: listening, downloading, favoring or subscribing is now easier than ever before.

No risks thanks to money-back guarantee!

Buy our software safely and quickly online. If you're not satisfied, you’ll get a full refund within 14 days, no questions asked. Try our free demo version or purchase this top product right away!

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