If you are a Spotify Premium subscriber, you'll be able to download music from the Spotify app. But what if you are not subscribed to Spotify? Or you want to keep your music even after cancelling Premium? Then you will need an application that does the job of a Spotify music downloader by recording audio from your Windows PC's sound device. Such tools are also called Spotify playlist downloaders or Spotify song downloaders, or just Spotify downloaders. We'll show you the best ones. Some of them are even free!

Best Spotify Music downloader: Audials Music

Top Spotify Music Downloader

Download music from Spotify as MP3 on a Windows PC at up to 40x speed and transfer it to your mobile phone. Enjoy high-quality music offline. Works both for Spotify Free and Spotify Premium. Try Audials Music for free now.

Good to know: No protection circumvented
Using the right tools, only unencrypted data is recorded from Spotify. US law tells that consumers won’t face legal action when recording.
To avoid that Spotify may possibly suspend accounts, it is better to use secure recording tools which are invisible to Spotify.

Top Spotify Music Downloaders for Windows 11 or 10

Before you choose a specific Spotify playlist downloader, you should be aware that there are several types:

Spotify downloader software is used on Windows PCs. The way it often works is that you play music in the Spotify app and the Spotify Downloader converts the signal output to the PC speaker into MP3 files. There is even Spotify music downloader software that has a built-in web browser. You log in to Spotify in the Spotify Downloader, search for music there and save it on your PC. The individual music tracks are then tagged and available as separate MP3 files on the hard drive. Such Spotify downloader software often specializes in recording streaming music and is easy to use.

The second way to get Spotify music in the form of audio files is to use an audio recorder. This is also software that can be installed on the PC. It doesn't specialize in Spotify or music streaming, but records any audio played on the PC. Automatic tagging and song separation are not always available. This means you have to manually start and stop recording for each individual song or end up with a large audio file that still needs to be edited manually.

Online Spotify downloaders are websites that only require you to enter a Spotify URL and deliver the music to you as an MP3. It's not clear how the MP3 file is created because you don't play the music on your PC. It is therefore not advisable to use such online applications.

A rather small group is the browser extensions. They convert music into audio files that you play in the browser. You have fewer settings for easy and comfortable recording and the recording quality may be lower than when using software.

A further group are APKs, that's an app that can be installed on your mobile phone. As the installation requires more efforts thatn just installing an app from a reliable app store, using APKs can be harmful and damage your phone, that is why it is better to avoid using them.

We have tested the best available Spotify music downloader tools for you which allow you to download Spotify music to mp3, aac or even flac files.

Best Spotify music downloaders

1. Audials Music (software)

Audials Music is an innovative and easy-to-use Spotify music downloader and Spotify playlist downloader for Windows. It helps you to get your favorite music in the MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, OGG, WMA or FLAC format. You'll get high-quality music with 320 kbps. Audials Music works both for Spotify Free and Spotify Premium, for tracks, albums and playlists. It doesn't even matter how you want to record: from the Spotify app installed on your Windows PC, from the Spotify website opened in Chrome, Firefox or Edge or directly in Audials Music. Audials Music supports all these ways!

As the Spotify music streaming is not protected by effective copyright measures, Audials Music can play it back and record the signal that is transmitted to the PC's sound system in realtime speed (1x). Like this, Audials Music does the job of a Spotify downloader and records Spotify music during playback. Spotify does not detect this recording method, however, recording at up to 30x speed is supported, too. Audials Music will not connect to Spotify servers so that you can avoid the risk of the account being suspended. To start this background recording, click the Spotify tile and choose "Spotify Website". 

Audials Music separates the songs automatically, removes ads, adds the suitable lyrics and tags like artist, album, covert art. Although editing is not really necessary, you have a precise audio editor to change the tags or cut the songs. You also have a music manager that sorts all recordings by genre and artist and helps you to transfer the songs to other devices like your mobile phone. 

Music lovers will also appreciate this Spotify downloader because it supports other streaming services like Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music and more. Listen to your music offline in high quality and create own playlists. Reach the maximum level of music enjoyment!

Please note that Audials Music does not support M1 Macs.


  • Easy to use Spotify music downloader
  • Various audio output formats
  • Record form Spotify app, Spotify website in web browser or directly in Audials Music
  • Works for Spotify Free and Spotify Premium
  • Up to 30x recording speed and secure normal speed 
  • Automatic song separation 
  • Adds lyrics from lyrics websites and adds tags automatically
  • Audio editor
  • Music manager
  • Supports other music streaming services


  • Does not support M1 Macs

2. Viwizard Music Converter (software)

The Viwizard Music Converter (previously called TunesKit Spotify Music Converter) is a very easy-to-use recording tool specially designed for recording Spotify. Use your mouse pointer to drag the music you want from Spotify to the TunesKit Spotify Music Converter and then click the Convert button. The tool will save the songs to your computer in the format you want (MP3, AAC, M4A, and others). You can also specify the bit rate and sample rate at which the music should be saved. The Spotify music downloader by TunesKit records at five times the speed, but realtime speed is available, too. Nevertheless, this tool could lead to your account being blocked.


  • records in multiple formats
  • very easy to use
  • automatic tagging


  • Warning: This tool may lead to your account being suspended. 
  • Additional recorder software required for further streaming services
  • A maximum of 1 min recording time in the trial version is available

3. Sidify Music Converter

With Sidify Music Converter, you'll get your Spotify music stored as MP3, FLAC, WAV and in other audio formats on your PC's hard drive. You can choose whether you record from the Spotify app or from spotify.com in the internal web player of Sidify where you have to log into Spotify. If you don't like high speed recording, you will be able to record at normal speed.


  • record in various audio formats
  • two recording modes
  • normal speed or high speed


  • works only for Spotify

4. MusicFab (software)

MusicFab has an internal web browser where you can search for Spotify music and save it instantly in the audio format you want. You must first log in to Spotify in MusicFab. The tool supports saving songs, albums and playlists. If desired, lyrics can also be saved as separate files. Please be aware that MusicFab only works for Spotify and a normal speed recording is not available.


  • internal browser to find music fast and save it right away
  • multiple audio file formats supported


  • only works for Spotify
  • no normal speed support

5. NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter (software)

The Spotify Music Converter by NoteBurner work similarly as AudFree: After having chosen the recording settings, drag&drop music from Spotify into the Spotify downloader software. Real-time speed is available, but the maximum speed is 10x. The available output formats are: WAV, ALAC, MP3, AAC, FLAC, AIFF.


  • records Spotify by drag&drop
  • Keeps ID3 tags


  • Warning: This tool may lead to your account being suspended because only 5x speed is available.
  • Does not record from other streaming services.

6. Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter (software)

To download Spotify music with the Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter, drag&drop or copy&paste an album or playlist from Spotify into the tool, select the required file format and bitrate and finally click the Convert button. That's all you need to do. As there is no option to choose the real-time recording speed, this tool could be detected by Spotify.

The Ondesoft Spotify Converter records from the Spotify app or from the Spotify website inside Ondesoft. The second recording method could be problematic for those users who want to be sure that their data is not shared to anyone.


  • intuitive usage
  • saves ID3 tags automatically
  • available output formats: MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, AIFF, M4A
  • records from the Spotify app 


  • no real-time recording. Warning: This tool may lead to your account being suspended. 
  • Alternative recording method is the Spotify website in the spotify downloader. That means that you need to enter your Spotify credentials to use this recording method.

7. AudFree Spotify Music Converter (software)

With the AudFree Spotify Music Converter, users can record songs from Spotify in 5x speed along with the ID3 tags as WAV, M4B, MP3, FLAC, M4A or AAC audio files. You only need to choose the audio format, sample rate and bitrate before you start recording. Realtime recording is available, too. If it is not activated, AudFree will use the rapid recording method. Then drag&drop an album or playlist into AudFree and click Convert. You will get the songs as audio files on your PC.


    • Spotify per drag&drop
    • ID3 tags available
    • real-time speed available
    • output formats: WAV, M4B, MP3, FLAC, M4A or AAC


    • Warning: This tool may lead to your account being suspended. 
    • only works for Spotify

    8. TuneFab Spotify Music Converter (software)

    With the TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, you will not need to open Spotify in a web browser or in the Spotify app because Spotify is built into TuneFab. So you will need to enter your Spotify credentials into TuneFab.


    • maximum recording speed: 5x
    • keeps the ID3 tags
    • available output formats: MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC


    • only works for Spotify
    • entering your Spotify login data into TuneFab is necessary
    • Warning: This tool may lead to your account being suspended.

    9. spotDL / spotify-downloader (software)

    If you expect you can install the Spotify music downloader spotDL on your PC fast and use it immediately, this tool will not meet your expectations. In fact, it is much more difficult to install than the other tools described on this page: It is not a software with a user interface and a manager that helps you to install it. Furthermore, in order to be able to use it, you will have to install FFmpeg on your PC. Thus, spotDL is best suitable for developers. It is also important to know that it does not record from Spotify, but from YouTube Music, so you won't get the best versions of the songs. And of course, not all songs can be recorded that way.

    YouTube Music is used by the tool to search for results. But YouTube Music is not available in all countries, that means that spotDL will not work in all countries either. So if you are looking for a software to download Spotify songs and not songs from alternative sources, it will be better to not use the spotDL / spotify-downloader.


    • free Spotify converter


    • difficult to install
    • rather for developers 
    • no user interface
    • records from YouTube
    • not available in all countries

    10. Audacity (audio recorder)

    Audacity is a special case as actually, it is for professional use. But you can use it to record Spotify. A problem is that Audacity will seem complicated for those who did not use it previously. You have also take into account that the songs will not be tagged and cut automatically.


    • free
    • software for editing audio files in a professional manner (cutting, adding effects)
    • universal for all recording sources
    • records in 1x speed


    • the user interface is not suitable for beginners
    • no ID3 tags
    • no automatic song cutting

    11. spotifydown.com (online)

    Some users do not want to install software on their PCs and use free online Spotify downloaders like spotifydown.com. They are very easy-to-use: Click the menu with the three dots of a Spotify song and then click Share and Copy link. Launch the online downloader page and paste that link into the search bar. Then SpotifyDown will download Spotify music, albums and playlists to your PC.

    Such a tool does not let you choose an output format, you'll obtain all your songs in the MP3 format. And the recording quality will be lower compared to recordings from a software application.

    Since you do not know how the audio files are generated, it is better to avoid using such online Spotify downloaders.


    • easy-to-use
    • you don't need to install recorder software
    • free
    • save songs, albums, playlists from Spotify


    • you cannot choose the output format
    • quality is lower compared to software
    • it is not clear how the audio files are generated !

    12. spotify-downloader.com (online)

    An alternative to download Spotify in the MP3 format that works similarly to the previous tool could be spotify-downloader.com. But here you have to take into account that downloads are not possible for playlists and albums. 

    Since you do not know how the audio files are generated, it is better to avoid using such online Spotify downloaders.


    • easy-to-use Spotify playlist downloader
    • you don't need to install recorder software
    • free


    • only works for songs, not for entire albums or playlists
    • you cannot choose the output format
    • quality is lower compared to software
    • it is not clear how the audio files are generated !

    13. Soundloaders.com (online)

    A further online Spotify downloader is soundloaders.com. To download Spotify music to your PC, you have to copy and paste the Spotify link onto the Soundloaders website.

    Most of these online Spotify downloaders only work for song links, but not for playlists or albums. So you have a lot of work if you want to get an entire playlist. Soundloaders is similar to spotify-downloader.com and has similar pros and cons.

    And, the most important: Many websites like soundloaders.com often do not offer a privacy policy. Since you do not know how the audio files are generated, it is better to avoid using online Spotify downloaders.


    • easy-to-use 
    • you don't need to install recorder software
    • free


    • only works for songs, not for entire albums or playlists
    • you cannot choose the output format
    • quality is lower compared to software
    • no privacy policy
    • it is not clear how the audio files are generated !

    14. SpotifyMate (online)

    Another online Spotify downloader we would like to present here is SpotifyMate. It has the least number of disadvantages, but please remember that here too you do now know where this online Spotify downloader has the music data from. That is why it should not be used either.


    • easy-to-use Spotify music downloader
    • you don't need to install recorder software
    • free


    • you cannot choose the output format
    • quality is lower compared to software
    • it is not clear how the audio files are generated !

    15. SpotDown (browser extension)

    SpotDown is a browser extension for the Chrome web browser that stores songs, playlists and albums from Spotify as MP3. The good thing is that it is free. 


    • free browser extension


    • only available for Chrome

    Comparison: Best Spotify Downloaders for Windows

    In this table we compare all important features of the best Spotify music downloaders, both payed and free, and those recorders that should be used carefully:

     Audials MusicViwizardSidifyMusicFabNoteBurnerOndesoftAudFreeTuneFabspotDLAudacityonline spotify downloadersSpotDown browser extension
    Operating systemWindows / MacWin / MacWin / MacWin / MacWin / MacWin/ MacWin / MacWin / MacWin / MacWin / MacWin / MacWin / Mac
    Records from Spotify app & spotify.com?appapp or spotify.com in Sidifyspotify.com in MusicFabappapp or spotify.com in Ondesoftappspotify.com in TuneFabYouTube Music?spotify.com
    Recording quality/bitrate: Up to 320 kbps-?
    Recording speedup to 30x5x10xno info5xno info5x5xno info1xno datano info
    Supports realtime speed--?---
    Risk of account suspension-!!!-!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!
    Automatic song cutting-
    Automatic Tagging-
    Tag & audio editor-----------
    Radio & podcast recording----------
    Automatic music search (bot)------------
    Video streaming recording-----------

    Listen to Spotify music on your smartphone (without an internet connection)

    Spotify Downloaders for Android (APK)

    There are some alternative Spotify players & downloaders for Android mobile phones.

    The most important is Shabinder.

    It is not available in Google Play Store, and that for a good reason: Such tools try to „hack“ Spotify servers, which may lead to Spotify banning your account. A much better and safer alternative is to record Spotify music on your Windows PC, and then copy the music files to your Android smartphone.


    Audials Music has a built-in feature that lets you easily copy music to Android devices.

    Spotify downloader for Apple Mac and iPhone

    For some of the above Spotify music downloaders, versions for Apple Mac exist.

    Audials Music runs perfectly in „Parallels“ on MacOS.

    There are no Spotify recorders for iPhones, as Apple does not list them in the AppStore. However, you can easily record Spotify music on Windows PCs, and copy them to your iPhone through the iTunes software.

    Results: Audials Music is the best Spotify downloader

    All Spotify downloaders listed here have both their advantages and disadvantages. Most are available as demo and full versions (except for the free tools). If you want to have the most important functions combined in one piece of software, we will recommend Audials Music. It allows you to record Spotify at real-time speed without connecting to Spotify's servers. Audials Music records from both the Spotify app and the Spotify website and saves the music correctly cut and automatically adds ID3 tags. You can record Spotify in various formats on your Windows PC and then transfer it to iPhone or Android devices. With Audials Music it is also possible to record other music streaming services. Try the demo version for free or buy Audials Music without any risks with a 14 days money-back guarantee.

    You already have Audials software on your PC and you want to start recording? We have an instruction for you here:

    How to record Spotify with Audials software

    Further Spotify music downloader tools are presented on softwaretestinghelp.com and muconvert.com.

    However, you should not follow all advices given by tech blogs. For example, chrunos.com describes how to use an APK on Android. Installing APKs could harm your mobile device, so it is better to record Spotify on your PC and to transfer the music to your mobile device.



    Where can I download Spotify songs?

    You can use the Spotify downloader feature of the Spotify app to download Spotify music if you are subscribed to Spotify Premium. On guru99.com, there is a good description how to do this on the desktop or mobile app. However, these downloads will be deleted if the app is reinstalled or if you forget to connect your device with the internet minimum once in 30 days.

    How do I download from Spotify?

    Do the following steps to download music directly from the Spotify app with a Premium account: 

    1. Be sure that your PC or mobile device is connected to the Internet.

    2. Open an album or playlist and click the download button. 

    3. Now you can listen to the music offline. If you are using a mobile device, you will find the music in the Library.

    What is the best Spotify downloader?

    Audials Music is the best Spotify music downloader for Windows because it records in realtime speed, cuts the songs automatically into separate audio files and adds the tags. You can start the recording process with the new magic button. Audials Music has a smart tag editor that enables you to rename songs of an entire genre or all songs of an artist within seconds.

    Which free Spotify downloader is the best?

    On this page you have learned about two free Spotify downloaders: spotDL and Audacity. Since spotDL is a developer tool without a UI, currently Audacity is the best Spotify downloader that you can get for free.

    Which Spotify downloader provides high quality recordings?

    With the Spotify downloaders by Audials, you can record music in high quality without any losses. Depending on your subsription and the chosen Spotify streaming settings, you can record MP3 songs with 128 kbit/s, 192 kbit/s, or even 320 kbit/s. 

    Can you get playlists from Spotify?

    Yes, with Audials, you can record playlists, songs and even albums as MP3 or in other formats. In any case, Audials will save each song as a separate audio file thanks to the precise song separation.

    Which browsers are compatible with the Spotify downloaders by Audials?

    Chrome, Firefox and Edge are compatible with Audials Music and Audials Music. Recording from the browser is an alternative to recording from the Spotify app.

    How do I use the Spotify downloader Audials Music?

    Please follow these instructions to download music from Spotify in the MP3 format.

    What should I consider to find a good Spotify downloader?

    • Price: There are lots of Spotify music downloaders, but with a paid tool you will get higher quality. Of course, the price shouldn't be too high.
    • User interface: The Spotify downloader must have a clear user interface and you have to be able to start recording in not more than 3 or 4 steps.
    • Available output formats: MP3 is the usual format to record Spotify, but sometimes another format could be needed. Choose a Spotify downloader that supports several output formats.
    • The Spotify downloader should support both high speed and normal speed. There are some tools that only record at high speed. By using them, you risk to get your music streaming account suspended.
    • Safety: Do not use online Spotify downloaders because often they do not have a privacy policy and you do not know with who your data are shared. Furthermore, it is not clear how online Spotify downloaders generate the music files.
    • Flexibility: A good Spotify music downloader has to support both recording from the browser and from the Spotify app. In case you will switch to another streaming service, it would be great if it would work for other streaming services, too.
    • Practical features: If you are going to create a big media collection, you will need to organize your music. Automatic song separation and automatic tagging will be very important to manage your music easily. Managing and adding music to other devices should be easy as well.

    Instruction: How to download Spotify music to MP3

    Step 1: Install and launch the Spotify downloader Audials Music or Audails One. Choose the required output format in Format on the downside of Audials, for example MP3.

    Step 2: Click Spotify in the Music Streaming section of Audials and select the recording settings. You will be asked whether you want to record from the Spotify app or the Spotify website, which recording quality is needed etc.

    Step 3: Play back the Spotify music and Audials will record the music tracks into separate files. You will see the files on the right in the player of Audials or in Music -> My Music

    About Spotify

    Spotify is a leading digital music streaming service that provides access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from artists around the world. Launched in 2008 in Sweden, it operates on a freemium model, offering basic features for free with advertisements, and additional features such as improved sound quality and ad-free listening with a paid subscription ("Spotify Premium"). Users can create playlists, share music, and engage with social features like following friends or public playlists. Spotify's discovery tools, including the Discover Weekly and Daily Mix playlists, are powered by algorithms that adapt to user listening habits, making it a personalized service. It is available on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux computers, as well as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Spotify has amassed a large user base and is available in numerous countries across the globe.

    Please note

    If you register or subscribe to Spotify, you will agree to the Spotify terms of use. We recommend to read them carefully and to adhere to them.

    According to the Copyright Law of the United States, “No action may be brought under this title [copyright law] alleging infringement of copyright […] based on noncommercial use by a consumer of [a digital audio recording device]”.

    The Spotify music stream that Audials is able to record is not protected by effective copy-protection measures. Audials just records the unencrypted signal which is outputted to the system sound device.

    Besides the background recording in realtime (1x speed), recording in high-speed (up to 30x) is available in Audials. When you start recording in high-speed, Audials communicates with the Spotify servers. When you record in 1x, Audials Music does not communicate with Spotify servers.

    The Spotify app could check your PC whether it is prepared for recording. So currently, you'd better only consider “secure” recording methods that protect your usage data by only recording music at realtime (1x) speed and that do not communicate directly with the Spotify servers. In Audials, this will be ensured if you use the recording from the Spotify website, not from the Spotify app.

    Music from Spotify™ is copyrighted. Any redistribution of it without the consent of the copyright owners may be a violation of the law in most countries, including the USA. Audials AG is not affiliated with Spotify™, nor the company that owns the trademark rights to Spotify™. This page is provided for compatibility purposes only, and in no case should be considered an endorsement of Audials Software products by any associated 3rd party.

    Please read our legal information.

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