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Your very own reliable music and Radio player, radio recorder and media manager.


Enjoy every radio station and audio/video podcast in the world


Record your favorite songs on the radio and save them as perfectly trimmed tracks


Watch English and international TV channels


Listen to music from streaming services and video portals and create your own playlists


Organize your own music and save it to your cloud or any of your mobile devices



Delve into the world of music


Always stay on top of things

Audials Play ensures that you always have a clear overview of all your music libraries, the larger ones included. Arrange your content according to genre, artists or albums and use the Power-Search function to find whatever you’re looking for.


Enjoy your music

Simply create your own playlists and enjoy all your favorite tracks using the visually appealing player. Lyrics and cover artwork will be added to your music.

Intelligent music manager

With the help of Audials Play, organizing and tagging hundreds of thousands of tracks has never been easier: you can automatically rename all your music according to your very own rules in no time at all and save your tracks to different folders. 


Extra functions:

  • Equalizer
  • Create your own ringtones
  • Burn CDs
  • Powerful tag editor
  • and so much more...


Search Spotify, Amazon & Co.

Search for content on streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Vimeo and more all at once! Audials can find any track in the world, carefully organized according to artist or album. 


Grow your music collection

All the tracks that Audials finds are directly added to your collection. It really is just a matter of a few clicks and your collection can grow by thousands of songs. You can then listen to your new music straightaway and create your own playlists.

Discover music

The Styles function enables you to specify artists and radio stations that represent your taste in music in order to receive suitable recommendations. Discover new music using Music Zoom, an interactive map that displays every artist and genre in the world. By scrolling and zooming in and out, you can explore this entire universe of music. Facebook and Twitter provide even more of the latest news on any artist you wish to find out more about.




Fill up your smartphone

Fill up your Android smartphone with all your favorite music using the convenient copy mode. Or simply use the Audials App to transfer music to your phone wirelessly!

Manage your cloud storage

You can also save your music to Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and other cloud storages. This way, you can play your music wherever you are!



Discover online radio stations & podcasts from all around the world


Find the right stations with the radio player

Find all of the world’s more than 100,000 radio stations according to genre or language and choose your favorite! Check to see what is currently being played and whether or not the station plays adverts. Explore genres, countries and stations near to you, and enjoy station recommendations too! Filter according to streaming quality.


Perfect radio recordings

Use the radio stations to record perfectly edited and tagged music. You can also have multiple recordings start at once in parallel on different stations. There is nothing holding you back from creating your own music collection to perfectly suit your needs with the radio recorder Audials Play!

Get radio stations recommendations

If there are certain radio stations and artists that you particularly enjoy then include them in your own Style. This way, you won’t need to spend each day searching for new music. For each of your specified Styles, Audials will suggest other radio stations that you may like. Thanks to this function, you’ll constantly be provided with new songs to match your taste which you can then listen to and record.


Save songs that were just being played

If you just missed a song that you’d like to record, then don’t worry! Audials provides a timeline of all the songs you listened to on a radio station and will save them to your PC if you choose to do so!


Millions of podcasts

Audials gives you access to all the audio and video podcasts in the world with millions of episodes that are categorized according to language, entertainment, sports, science and culture etc. 




Save episodes

In just a click, you can save any podcast episode to your PC. Add podcasts that you regularly enjoy to your favorites so you can quickly find them at a later point. Or subscribe so that episodes are automatically downloaded.


Enjoy programs live

Live TV

Live TV and music TV

Audials Play gives you access to hundreds of Live TV and music channels from all around the world, including all the major TV channels.



Watch TV in comfort

Watch TV either in full screen mode or on a smaller window. You can add your favorite channels to your list of favorites, enabling you to watch them whenever you wish in just a click.


In short, Audials Play is your free podcast and radio player, radio recorder,

TV player app and media organizer for Windows PCs.

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