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For operators of internet radio stations

Audials maintains one of the leading directories of internet radio stations. Used both by the popular „Audials apps“ and several other internet radio player Apps and websites, we aim to bring the best internet radio stations to millions of users around the world.

As many radio stations seek new listeners, we receive a lot of positive feedback from radio station operators pleasing us to even better provide their radio station to the listeners.
To do so, the Audials system may automatically connect and „listen“ to several of the best radio stations. Based on the music played on a station, the Audials system is then much better able to propose this station to listeners that like music of the specific genre. Thus, Audials delivers new listeners to internet radio stations. 
To do so, Audials uses the user agent „Audials LiveRadioInfo“ to connect with radio station streams.
If you, however, are an internet radio station provider that does not want to be included in this system, please contact us


and provide us the IP addresses of your broadcast, so that we can block your station.

If your station is not yet contained in the audials directory, please provide detail information with this form. 
It may however take several days until our team has manually checked the station and added it to the audials directory.

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