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AmazonNetflixDisney+ and Paramount+ provide their own self-produced movies and series as video streaming by means of a fee-based service. You can read here which video streams can be recorded with Audials.

Audials does not attempt to circumvent copy rights, but instead creates legal private copies by recording the streamed content exclusively from legal sources.


You will get the features described on this page with Audials One or Audials Movie.

All Important Video Streaming Services

Just One Click

What sets Audials apart from all other tools is that it is the only software to offer the necessary configuration in the form of tiles for all important services, which you can use for your recordings in one click!

Simply select the source you want to record and Audials will record your movies and series using the Recording Schedule with the best recording method for that particular service! (For some websites, it is sufficient to copy or drag the video URL into Audials.)

These presets are also regularly checked and adjusted by Audials as a single service for each generation.

If you happen to be using a streaming service that is not available on Audials as a pre-configured tile, you are still able to record it by clicking Other Source / Screen Recording


High-Quality Recordings

Graphics Card Recording

Most tools simply record the screen. However, the rescaling of video images reduces the quality of the recording. Only by directly recording the PC's graphics card can the highest quality be guaranteed.

This process is technically complex and requires a large number of adjustments to be made to the browsers and the operating system. No other software is able to do this the way Audials does. You will receive the highest quality recordings.


Adaptive Streaming

To compensate for fluctuations in the user's internet bandwidth, Amazon, Netflix and other services send their video streams in separate sections, each of which may be coded differently.

Many tools fail when recording this kind of adaptive streaming. However, Audials is able to reconstruct this adaptive streaming into a single movie after recording without any disruptive artifacts or visible transitions. It then saves it without any loss of quality.

Audials One can record any video streaming from the internet in top quality and then save it as an MP4, H.264 or another video file format with additional movie tags. Audials One comes with a recording planner. This enables users to record several films in a row or even entire seasons of series.


Modern video streaming is based on the HTML5 standard. In this process, the movie that is encrypted according to the EME standard (encrypted media extensions) is transmitted, then decrypted in the browser by a CDM module supplied by the provider and forwarded to the graphics card. Audials is 100% compatible for this and is able to record these streams for you.

Audials does not attempt to circumvent copy rights, but instead creates legal private copies by recording the streamed content exclusively from legal sources.

Graphics Card Encoding

Video recordings push PCs to their limits: It's the higher resolutions such as Full HD that are particularly demanding in terms of performance, as every frame of a movie has to be recorded. With 25 frames per second and a movie lasting 90 minutes, we are looking at 135,000 frames. For this reason, Audials has been developed over a period of many years with an emphasis on performance optimization in order to achieve the best possible PC performance for the best possible recording quality.

The encoding takes places on the graphics card which reduces the load on the processor and enables videos to be produced in even higher quality. Graphics card encoding works on the most popular graphics cards (Nvidia, AMD, Intel).

Frame Rate

Video streaming can be transmitted at different FPS (frames per second) frame rates. The most common rates are 25 FPS or 29.97 FPS. Audials recognizes the frame rate and can save the recording in the precise frame rate. This makes the recording look exactly like the original.

Perfect Video File

The format of video files is important because it determines the file size and whether the file can be played back on the end devices. Audials comes with a powerful encoder engine and generates all common video file formats like MP4, H.264, H.265, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, WMV and more.

Audials provides a variety of device profiles for PCs, game consoles, tablets and smartphones from various manufacturers. The default settings focus on providing the highest quality. However, you can also choose to use a space-saving file size.

  • Optimized for high resolution video content, particularly 720p-HD and Full-HD (1080p)
  • Supports Silverlight-based websites as a recording source
  • Supports Flash-based websites as a recording source
  • Highly optimized for all standard graphics cards
  • Supports all major versions of DirectX
  • Quality monitor warns of computer overload to avoid any loss in quality
  • Resolution reduction enables older or less powerful PCs to record high-resolution content
  • Ad filter recognizes and labels ads and prevents them from being exported as files

Record in minutes

Even with high-speed recordings, Audials ensures the highest quality by accelerating the video playback and saving it frame by frame. Like this, you will get a 120 min film on your hard drive within an hour. To do this, set the 2x recording speed in the settings before recording.

Alternatively, choose the parallel recording. Audials plays and records several video sections parallelly, like this you will get your video faster. That works for Amazon Video and Netflix.


Record Series and Films Conveniently

Perfect for Every Browser

Audials offers an integrated browser for streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, as well as for livestreams like Twitch. This allows you to search for videos in Audials more conveniently than ever before and start recording immediately. Alternatively, Audials supports recording from web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.


Record Netflix in Full HD

It is now possible to watch and record Netflix in Chrome and Firefox browsers in Full HD (1080p) with no loss of quality. In the Video streaming view in Audials, click on the Netflix tile and follow the instructions in the small window that will open. You can also choose whether you want to record in 1080p or require 5.1 surround sound.

Movie Tags Search Engine

For Netflix and Amazon, Audials adds the film tags automatically so that you do not need to do anything!

Audials saves recordings from other sources automatically under the correct name. It also features a search engine for movie descriptions.

This allows you to add movie tags to your new recordings and existing movie files. Audials scans the internet to find the correct movie summary, the actors involved, the director, the genre and a lot more, and saves all of this to the movie file in just one click.

Batch recording

Audials One is able to record any online video stream in Chrome or Firefox in top quality and then save it as an MP4, H.264, and in other formats including movie tags.

Simply create a list of movies in the Audials recording schedule. To do so, you simply have to let each movie be briefly started on your browser and Audials will register the movie for recording.

Audials will then process the list and record all the movies for you, providing you with your very own collection of movies. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Small tip: When it comes to series, you don't need the batch recorder. Simply activate the Autoplay function in Netflix and click on the Netflix tile in Audials. Audials will then record the entire season for you!

TV Watching and Recording

Watch and record TV streams

Audials One enables you to comfortably watch the live streams of TV channels and record and save them as MP4, WMV or any other video file format.

Audials offers a broad selection based on country, category, TV channel, programme and series episodes. With the search function you can quickly and directly access what you are looking for. You can also jump from station to station and mark your favourites.


Player and Recorder

  • Show all content in any size

  • Powerful integrated player, whether as part of the Audials software, separate from any other PC applications on your desktop or in full screen mode
  • Jerk-free fullscreen player
  • Highly optimized recording directly from graphics card
  • Recording can always be started and stopped with just one click
  • Recording in the background while watching
  • Recording of livestreams possible
  • Variety of supported video formats (MP4, H.264, H.265, AVI, u.v.m.)
  • Automatic naming and tagging

Find and access video podcasts

In Video, Audials shows you more than 10,000 video podcasts in different languages. Audials sorts them by date, popularity, language or content. Dive into topics such as sports, comedy, technology, science, society, health, art and others. You can set your preferred language to only get relevant results.

Saving, favoring, subscribing

In the search you will see the last podcast episode. Go to the podcast's detail view to see the previous episodes as well.

Save all the podcast episodes that interest you. Add your favorite podcasts to favorites or subscribe to them to get the latest episodes automatically. You can see all your video podcasts perfectly sorted in Video -> My Videos

Live TV Streams

The World's TV Livestreams

Audials offers over 100 live video streams from TV channels from all over the world.

These include CNN for the USA, numerous BBC streams for the UK, NHK World for Japan and France 2 - 5 for France. Italy is included with the RAI stations and Spain as well as other countries are also represented.


All your videos in one place

In Video you not only see content available online such as TV, streaming and video podcasts, but also all your own videos. Audials sorts films that you have recorded from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video by genre. All episodes of a series are grouped together so that you can find everything quickly.

Organize your own videos

If you don't like the automatic tagging, you can rearrange videos using drag and drop. To edit all tags like title, director, genre, year etc., click the pencil icon of the video and select Tags. Don't like the existing tags? Then use the movie tag search engine.

Optimizing the Recordings

Editor for cutting and cropping

Some streaming providers show advertisements, recaps or trailers at the beginning of a film. Audials makes it easy for you to cut out unwanted content from your recordings. The cropper allows you to manually trim frame by frame so that you will get a perfect video file.

With the cropper you can also easily remove annoying black bars in the video. Export your favorite movie scenes as new files while preserving the original video.


Subtitles in all languages

In Audials there are several ways to add subtitles during the recording: Activate them in the streaming source and have them rendered directly into the video or saved as a subtitle layer. Alternatively, Audials can search the web for subtitles in any language and also save them as a separate subtitle layer.

Subtitle search engine

After recording, you can use the subtitle search to add subtitles as a layer in any language. Saving them as a separate layer allows you to see them even when playing on other devices, for example on your TV. Also, you can remove the subtitles at any time.

Another way to get subtitles is to have them translated in Audials.

Remove ads in one click

Audials can recognize and cut out disruptive advertisements during the recording. Alternatively, you can also remove them later, because Audials automatically marks them for you. You can get rid of them with one click.

Optimal sound

Sometimes you cannot hear what the movie characters are saying because the background noise is too loud. If you add a second audio track with Audials, you can adjust the sound.

Converting and Editing

Background Conversion

Audials is a valuable assistant when it comes to converting many videos into the right format or making film dialogues more audible with speech boost. Add all the videos you want to enhance to a queue, and Audials will take care of everything for you.


Format Converter

For videos and movies, you can select a device profile optimized for your player and you will receive video files optimally adapted to your screen resolution and the performance of your devices with the most suitable output format and without any loss of quality.


Supported Video Input Formats


Supported Video Output Formats

3GP, 3GP (H.264), 3G2, AVI (XVID), AVI (H.264), AVI (DIVX), FLV, MKV, MOV, MPEG4 (MP4), MPEG4 (H.264), WMV (wmv7), WMV (wmv9)    

Supported devices

Windows computers as desktop PCs or notebooks, Android smartphones and tablets, Apple devices for iPhone, iPad and iPod as well as game consoles such as Microsoft Xbox, Sony Play Station or Nintendo are supported with their own profiles. 

Manufacturers of supported smartphones, tablets, mobile media players:

Apple, Amazon, Android tablets and smartphones, Blackberry, Honor, HTC, Huawei, Samsung, Sony, LG, Microsoft, Nokia, OnePlus

If your device is not listed, you can quickly and easily select the appropriate format with the predefined parameter settings. There are other individual solutions for ambitious lovers of media:

Create Individual Video Profiles

In Expert Mode, you can create your own profiles based on the performance of your target device. Choose the container and codec that provides the best results. Then set the bitrate and, in the case of videos, the frame rate and frame size you want to use.

Audials has no limits when it comes to the available optimization options for converting. You can either copy and modify existing profiles as a basis for your profile, or create your own profile from scratch.

The following parameters can also be defined individually:

  • The container describes the output format and file extension of converted audio and video files. Video files include 3GP, 3G2, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4 and WMV, and audio files include FLAC, ACC, AIFF, AU, CAF, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, WMApro etc.
  • The codec determines how the file contents are saved. Audials always distinguishes between audio and video codes, which must be specified each time. For example in the case of an MP4 file, you may use an MPEG-4 codec for the video track and an AAC for the audio track. Only by using the correct codecs will you be able to play the output file on your playback device.
  • The bitrate allows you to set the quality and size of the output file for both audio and video formats. Bitrates for audio files range from 24-320 kbps, and bitrates for videos from 64-29,040 kbps. You also have the option of retaining the original bitrate. Additional bitrates are also supported.
  • The frame size determines the definition of the output file for your playback device. The degree of pixel definition ranges from 128x96 up to 1920x1080 (full HD). You may also retain the original size or customized sizes.
  • The frame rate indicates the amount of individual frames per second. The standard setting is 25 fps (frames per second). The frame rate can range from 6 to 60 fps.

Movie Enhancement

Audials One can also be used to add the necessary details to movies and series. Audials One searches the internet and provides you with short descriptions, a list of actors, the director, genre, and a whole lot more of information to save.

Easy Management

Those who edit videos know that over time, many versions of videos accumulate on the hard drive. Of course, you also want to be able to find the original file. Audials consolidates all versions of a video, making it easy for you to switch between them. Your collection remains well-structured and organized.


Browser compatibility

Audials is compatible with the most popular internet browsers Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge. All internet browsers behave differently when playing back and streaming content.

It is therefore important that Audials and its specialists continuously test the functionality every week in order to ensure that your videos are always saved in the highest quality and to recommend the best browser for recording. This service is included within an Audials generation.

Always up to date!

From time to time, streaming services optimize their websites, players and apps. Internet browsers are updated on a regular basis and even the Windows operating system reacts differently according to these changes or its own updates.

With its free service, Audials ensures that you can continue recording week after week for an entire Audials generation.

Get started now with a money back-guarantee and without risking!

Audials One – Record video streaming & music
Audials Movie – Record video streaming

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