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Audials Tips: AI Face Restoration and Tidying Up Own Music Collection

Audials Newsletter April 2024

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Anyone who has Audials One 2024 Ultra will receive a new AI feature from us as a gift: face restoration in videos. From now on, Audials One Ultra recognizes faces in videos, making them clearer and sharper. If a person was not close enough to the camera lens, you will still be able to see their facial features clearly in your enhanced video. This way, you can better interpret the emotions of movie characters or give your family videos an additional refresh.
The music function tip we introduce today relates to cleaning up duplicate files in your own music collection.

Our tip: Make Faces in Videos Appear Clearer and Sharper with AI

Face restoration is used together with upscaling to a higher resolution (Upscale). Here we describe the necessary steps in Audials One 2024 Ultra:

Step 1: Drag the video with the mouse cursor from Windows Explorer into the Improve Media view.

Step 2: Choose Upscale. A view will now open where you can select how much to increase the resolution and which AI model Audials should use. Activate Extra Face Improvement with the slider.

Step 3: If you don't want to enhance any more videos, click the Queue button to start the process. Does Audials need to optimize more videos? Then add them to the queue and start it as soon as you have added all videos there.

After that, you will have a second version of your video on your PC. Audials groups multiple versions of a movie under one cover image and indicates what was changed in which version. You can see all your videos under Video -> My Videos.

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Our Tip: Remove File Duplicates from your Music Collection

With the new duplicate management, cleaning up is easier than ever. Audials automatically merges duplicate files and shows you the differences between the versions at a glance. You will be able to easily decide which versions you want to keep and which you want to remove from your collection.

Step 1: Open the My Music tab in the Music section of Audials One.

Step 2: Select a genre, an artist, or All artists to clean up your entire music collection.

Step 3: Click the context menu next to the entry line and choose Clean up versions and duplicates. Audials will now display all duplicates.

Step 4: Delete all songs you don't need.

If you also want to clean up music duplicates on other devices, do the following between steps 2 and 3:

Open the dropdown menu at My Music and activate the copy mode. Select all the storage locations you want to be displayed. If you activate Streaming, you will also see the songs you have saved as links. Depending on the storage location, it may be necessary to connect the respective device to the PC.

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