Recently, there have been significant advancements in video editing thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Now, it's no longer a problem if your years-old video appears blurry on large screens or if you've recorded a video in too low resolution. With an AI-supported video upscaler, you can upscale the video to your desired resolution. Artificial Intelligence (AI) supplements the information missing from your video.

As there are now many video upscalers with AI, we present to you the best ones here.

Best AI Video Upscaler: Audials Vision

Audials Vision – Best AI Video Upscaler

Sharpen your videos and make them smoother. Give them unique color brilliance for viewing on HDR TVs. Create slow motions or time-lapses. Includes subtitle search, cut editor, and video manager. Learn more about Audials Vision

The best Video Upscalers with AI

The Best AI-Supported Video Upscaling Tools

1. Audials Vision

Audials Vision is an easy-to-use AI video upscaler software for Windows that improves the quality of your videos thanks to Artificial Intelligence. The software sharpens blurry videos and increases the resolution up to 4K, so that older videos look impressive even on large screens.

A special feature to make videos look even more fantastic is the AI face restoration to make faces appear clearer. This a further quality boost for videos of any kind, be it TV shows, movies, video clips etc.

Slow motions that look like slideshows are a thing of the past, because with Audials Vision, you create own smooth slow motions. The software inserts missing frames into the video, and it's not noticeable that the slow motion was created from a video with a lower frame rate.

Videos can not only be slowed down but also sped up. If you value brilliant colors on your HDR TV, you can convert videos to HDR.

If the spoken audio in the video is too quiet, Audials Vision fixes it with voice amplification. You can set your video's output format to MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, and WebM. Multiple enhancements can be made to a video at the same time. If you wish, Audials Vision can process several videos one after another in a queue.

You can cut and crop your videos, add subtitles in any language, convert, and manage them.

For optimization, the AI needs to improve thousands of images, which requires a lot of computing power. The process will take longer on less powerful PCs.


  • Upscale videos up to 4K
  • AI face restoration
  • Create butter-smooth slow motions
  • Speed up videos
  • Convert video for HDR TV
  • Stop and resume improvement at any time
  • Choose multiple enhancements at the same time
  • Convert videos to MP4, WMV, AVI, etc.
  • Optimize multiple videos in a queue
  • Video editor
  • Affordable price


  • Requires a lot of PC computing power

Interested in additional exciting features? Learn more about Audials One Ultra

2. CapCut

CapCut is a comprehensive free online app for editing videos. You can upload a video directly on the CapCut website, click on the upscaling button, and after some time, you can download the finished video. In addition to the video upscaling feature, CapCut offers various other functions, such as converting text to voiceover, transforming spoken words into text, adding filters and effects, or removing the background.

It is said that CapCut collects extensive user data. One must decide what is more important: data privacy or a free video upscaler.


  • Free video upscaling
  • Numerous editing features
  • User-friendly


  • Concerns about data privacy
  • No frame interpolation for smoother motion

3. CutOut

The online video upscaler from CutOut is quite different. Here, you can remove the background of a 5-second video for free. You get all the features only after you have paid. You pay for each video separately. For example, upscaling a 120-minute video costs 599 US dollars. In return, you can not only make the video look clearer but also smooth out motion by adding frames.


  • Upscale video up to 2K
  • Increase in framerate
  • Background removal


  • Each video has to be paid for separately
  • Prices are more suited for professionals

4. AI Video Upscaler Online Free by Fotor

Fotor has a free online video upscaler that gives you the opportunity to upscale videos of 3s length. Fotor also can be used to remove the background from videos. If you subscribe to Fotor, you will get many fascinating features for graphics such as colorizing, making faces clearer, removing details, and so on. Although on the website it is said that the tool is free, you will need to upgrade to upscale full-length videos.

An advantage of Fotos is its easiness. You need just a few clicks to upload and upscale the video. However, if you need specific improvements like upscaling at double the resolution, you will need a different video upscaler because Fotor supports no higher resolutions than HD.


  • Easy video upscaler
  • Upscale videos automatically with few clicks


  • Concerns about data privacy
  • Supports HD only
  • Is rather for photography enthusiasts because few video features are available

5. TensorPix

With TensorPix, you can perform video upscaling up to 4K online, increase the framerate, create smooth slow-motion videos, remove interlacing and flickering, and enhance colors. With TensorPix Free, you can upload a maximum of 3 videos and use only two AI functions per video. If you want to enhance ten videos per month or more and also improve several videos in parallel, a monthly subscription is required. For the monthly fee, you acquire a certain number of points (credits) that you must not exceed.
On its website, the provider admits that upscaling can occasionally take days or even freeze. In such cases, there's no option but to stop the process. However, you might not get all your credits refunded for that video.


  • Free upscaling of 3 videos monthly
  • Video upscaling up to 4K


  • Not all credits are refunded in case of issues with AI upscaling. The process cannot be paused.
  • The number of upscaling processes is limited even with a paid subscription
  • Does not create time-lapses

6. Topaz Video AI

Topaz Video AI is an AI video upscaler that also features stabilization and motion interpolation. Topaz upscales your video to 16K, smooths out motion even in slow-motion videos, and removes interlacing effects.

The process of AI video upscaling is currently time-consuming because the video upscaler needs to optimize thousands of video frames. The older your PC is, the longer the film processing will take. Therefore, it's important to utilize the maximum performance of your PC. With Topaz, you decide whether to use all of your PC's memory or not. If you need to work on your PC during the upscaling process, you can allocate less memory for upscaling.

Topaz Video AI is software, meaning you can use it for an unlimited number of videos after purchase. However, with a price tag of 299 US dollars, it is relatively expensive.


  • Upscale videos up to 16K
  • Decide the share of PC performance to use
  • Video stabilization
  • Smoothens videos
  • Removes interlacing


  • Expensive software
  • Video upscale duration depends on PC performance
  • Does not create time-lapses

7. Vmake

Vmake is an online video upscaler that uses AI to increase the video resolution. It is similar to other online tools as you have to upload your video to receive the upscaled video version. It's up to to decide whether you entrust your videos and data to the manufacturer. Vmake works with MP4, MOV, M4V and 3GP files. Besides video upscaling, Vmake has other features that could be interesting for anyone who works with videos as removing background and watermarks.

Vmake has a credits payment model combined with a subscription. For $16.99 per month, you have 100 credits and can optimize 50 videos. Like this, a credit means two videos. 


  • upscale video up to 4K
  • remove watermarks
  • remove background
  • supports several video formats


  • Concerns about data privacy

8. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI not only sharpens videos and upscales them to 8K but also optimizes colors, removes noise, and interpolates. After installing the software, you need to select the desired AI model. Then choose the necessary settings like output format, resolution, and output folder. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI supports most common output formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, and MOV. You can also select how much memory the process will require. Optionally trim the parts of the video you don't need and then start the upscaling process.


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple output format options
  • Upscaling to 8K


  • Video upscale duration depends on PC performance
  • Does not create slow-motions/time-lapses
Upscale Videos with AI Video Upscalers

Overview of the Best Video Upscaler Apps

In the following overview, you see the most important information about the video upscalers presented here.

 Audials VisionCapCutCutOutFotorTensorPixTopaz Video AIVmakeAVCLabs
Online Tool---
PC Software---
Mobile App------
Upscale video up to4K4K2KHD4K16K4K8K
Create slow motion/time-lapsebothbothonly slo-mo-only slo-moonly slo-mo--
Make videos smoother----
Payment modelone-time-for each video according to lengthsubscriptionsubscriptionone-timesubscriptionone-time or subscription
Price$49.90 free$599 $ for 2 hours$3.33 or $7.49 monthlystarting at $11 monthly$ 299depends on monthly credits$199.90 (perpetual)

What is the best AI Video Upscaler?

Currently, there's a wide range of tools available with various payment models and prices. Some are available only as PC software, others solely as online video upscalers, and some even as apps for mobile devices. The advantage of software is that you can upscale as many videos as you want. However, the process may take longer, especially if your PC is older.

This issue is not present with an online upscaler, but there might be restrictions on the number of videos you can optimize. If a technical problem occurs during an upscaling process, you might lose credits and end up, for example, having only two optimized videos instead of the allowed three per month. So, if you have a good PC and anticipate upscaling many videos, using PC software is likely the better choice.

In this comparison, Audials Vision emerges as the best AI Video Upscaler, offering an application at an affordable price that not only improves video resolution but also makes movements appear smoother and gives the video rich HDR colors. Audials Vision can even perform multiple enhancements simultaneously and upscale videos in a batch.

Get acquainted with Audials Vision now in the demo version!


Here are some examples how Audials Vision improves faces. As an addition to the AI video upscaling, it can significantly improve the video quality:


Install demo or buy Audials Vision with a 14-day money-back guarantee


What does AI Video Upscaling mean?

AI Video Upscaling is the process of upscaling low-resolution videos to a higher resolution with the support of Artificial Intelligence (abbreviated as AI). The AI has learned from numerous video examples what a good video looks like and what details it contains, allowing it to add the missing information to the low-resolution video. An AI Video Upscaler is software that upscales videos; another term for it is AI Video Enhancer.

Many AI Video Upscalers can also smooth out videos and create slow-motion videos by adding frames.

How can you upscale videos?

The resolution of videos can be increased with a video upscaler, which is either PC software or an online application that uses AI to calculate what your video would look like if it were of higher quality. There are many different video upscalers. Some can be purchased outright, while others are offered as a subscription.

What are the benefits of video upscaling?

For a long time, it wasn't possible to improve low-resolution and low-quality videos after the fact. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, this is now possible, as it has learned what good videos typically look like and can add the missing information (pixels) to your video. This makes the video look good even on new, large screens.

Why does AI video upscaling take so long?

Depending on the frame rate and length of the video, the AI must optimize thousands of images (frames) in the video. For a feature film of 2 hours duration and a frame rate of 24 frames per second, that's almost 173,000 images. Therefore, AI video upscaling can take hours. If the AI Video Upscaler is PC software, low PC performance can further delay the process.

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