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New! Audials Informer September 2019

This month, you will get playlists with various songs that are new or that many people love listening to again and again. You can download these playlists and listen to them as often as you want! 


We have added a selection of the recent songs in Audials Brandnew so that it is not necessary to search them in various charts lists.

Entertain Music

Do you like a specific music genre or many different ones? In Entertain Music, you will get songs from the most important music genres.

Movies and More

You will find all news regarding movies, series, and series soundtracks here: Audials Movies and Soundtracks

Audials Moods

Songs for relaxing, for making sports or just for a good mood: Please click on Audials Moods get this music. 

Independent Hits

If you have often listened to pop, rock and other mainstream music, maybe some independent songs are a nice change? 

Podcast of the Month

You have access to numerous podcasts and you do not know which of them you should choose? Then maybe you will like the Audials Podcast of the Month?  

The Lyrics of the Month

Which of the many songs that are released every month are especially interesting regarding the lyrics? You can learn it here: Audials Lyrics


Not only the albums and songs, but also the biographies of the artists arouse the interest of their fans. Therefore, we have choosen four artists who had their birthdays recently and give some information about their biographies in Audials Tribute

Tip of the Month

In case you like recording videos and want to know how you can avoid recording problems, we have some hints for you. 

You missed an Informer?

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