What was up with the Films and Soundtracks in August?

The Soundtracks and Movies that are Worth Checking Out

1) Recommended Soundtracks

The Best Soundtracks are From Now On Recommended to You from the Editorial Team

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The team from Audials delivers the best movie soundtracks from the latest movies. Charts, oldies, rock and a lot other genres are presented so that there will be great songs for every musical taste.

Soundtracks from Series and Movie of the MonthSongSeries/Movie
EnyaCaribbean BlueDerry Girls: Season 2
The CranberriesOde to My FamilyDerry Girls: Season 2
Ace of BaseAll That She WantsDerry Girls: Season 2
BoyzoneSo GoodDerry Girls: Season 2
EnigmaReturn to InnocenceDerry Girls: Season 2
CoronaThe Rhythm of the NightDerry Girls: Season 2
Primal ScreamLoadedDerry Girls: Season 2
Kylie MinogueBetter the Devil You KnowDerry Girls: Season 2
Los Del RioMacarenaDerry Girls: Season 2
Take ThatSureDerry Girls: Season 2
Chesney HawkesThe One and OnlyDerry Girls: Season 2
ABBAThe Winner Takes It AllDerry Girls: Season 2

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2) What’s new on Amazon Prime Video™ and Netflix™?

Our monthly overview presents the highlights of the latest and best movies, series and documentaries

Amazon Prime Video™



A photographer in Mumbai does not want his grandmother to remind him of getting married. So he suggests a woman he does not know to be photographed with him as if she is his fiancée.

The Fifth Element 

An old Egyptian prophecy says that an evil power will strive to destroy life. Evil can be stopped with the help of the four elements, i. e. four magic stones, and the fifth element, represented by a woman. 


#IMomSoHard Season 1 

The comdians Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley show the problems mothers have in everyday life. 

Carnival Row 

A war puts an end to the peaceful coexistence of humans and fairies. Rycroft Philostrate seems to be an exception as he has fallen in love with a fairy. A fantasy series with Orlando Bloom.  


This Is Football Season 1  

How is it possible that football is an inspiration for so many people? This documentary will give you a detailed answer. 

Free Meek 

The rapper Meek Mill was arrested in 2017. According to a later investigation, a corrupt police played an important role in his imprisonment. 




On Mother’s Day, Carol, Gillian and Helen feel lonely and decide without furher ado to visit their sons and notice that they need to reflect about their lives. 

Rocky I-V 

Netflix also shows the famous social drama  with Sylvester Stallone about Roky Balboa who gets a great chance in his life. 


GLOW, Season 3 

A comedy series about a group of women who cal themselves Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (,,GLOW”). 

Mindhunter, Season 2  

Two FBI-agents interview serial murderers, analyze their psyche and make a great discovery in forensic sciences. 


American Factory 

A Chinese company reopens a General Motors factory in Ohio. But will both the American and the Chinese side benefit from that? 

Basketball or Nothing 

The basketball team of the Chinle Highschool in a Navajo reservation in Arizona dreams of a triumph at the championship. Will they make their dream come true? 

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