Tips, Tricks and all Ingredients for the Successful Marketing of Audials Software

On the following sites, you will find the current affiliate links for your promotions as well as important information about the correct setting of affiliate links or about linking to our tutorial videos. The links on the right will give you the following information:

Promo Links

The links to Audials discounts that can be used for your promotions are to be found on: Promo Links.

Marketing Materials

You are enabled to download a plethora of banners for Audials software editions in the common sizes on Marketing Materials.


You will receive information for setting links to the Websites with our products by clicking on Links.

Tutorial Videos

All videos that explain the various functions of Audials products can be found here: Tutorial Videos.


If you require texts for listing all Audials editions, you may access the page with the Padfiles.

Demo Versions

If you want to provide a demo version of Audials software on your website, select Demo Versions.

Product Descriptions

Get all descriptions about Audials products in different lenghts here: Product Descriptions.

Audials Blog News

Receive always the latest news about Audials software and the company by accessing the Audials Blog.

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