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The Audials brand depends to the world-leaders of software on the Internet and in trade magazines. Partnering with Audials AG allows you to build on this success by turning demonstrated demand for our products into your success. We offer aggressive partners attractive commission models and exceptional revenue earnings potential in exchange for executing targeted marketing actions involving our products. A catalog of online marketing materials will help you get started fast.

Individualized Solutions and OEM Editions

Audials AG maintains not only a technology development center for its standard software, but also a dedicated consulting services unit. This special unit focuses on the customization of Audials technology to meet our customers’ channel-specific needs and on the development of White Label OEM products.

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Please note: Classic Affiliates please register at CJ or oND with the links ahead. Otherwise we are sorry to delete the application.

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Affiliate Network

Audials AG has a large network of several thousands partners in retail and electronic software delivery. All these partners sell very successful around the world the Audials product line. This alphabetical register contains partly the partner network.

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