What needs to be considered in order to make Audials work on your Apple Mac?

1) Windows 11 or 10 needs to be installed on your Apple Mac

Using the Boot Camp function, you can turn your Apple device into a Windows PC. You will however be sacrificing a great deal of Apple’s features. It makes more sense to install a so-called emulation software onto your Apple Mac OS to avoid losing anything. There’s a software called VMware. We recommend you use Desktop Parallels. Where can I find Desktop Parallels?

Once you’ve installed Desktop Parallels onto your Apple Mac, you can install the Microsoft Windows operating system. We recommend Windows 11. Where can I get Windows?

Windows 11 or 10 will not only enable you to use our Audials software, you’ll be opening up an entire world of Windows and can continue enjoying your Mac too.

2) You need the Google Chrome browser

Once you’ve installed Desktop Parallels and Windows 11/10 onto your Apple Mac, you’ll need Google Chrome in order to use some of the features on Audials. Where can I get the Google Chrome browser?

You’ll need Google Chrome for Windows 11/10 so that Audials can record and save music from Spotify, videos from YouTube, blockbusters and series from Amazon and Netflix, and the content of other streaming services. Unfortunately this is not possible with Apple’s Safari browser.

And that’s all you need to know. Wait! Of course you’ll also need Audials One!

Here you can download a demo of Audials to install and test on your Apple Mac with Windows 11 or 10 and Desktop Parallels.

Audials One provides you with all the best features and opportunities. Get it now at a discount!
What can Audials One do?


Please note: Audials software does not work on MacBooks with M1 and M2 chips.


Using Audials One on Mac with Parallels

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