Become an Audials affiliate and start earning today!

Thank you for your interest in joining our affiliate program and as an Audials affiliate you will earn a commission on any of our products sold through your website.
It’s a great way to make money, and many of our top affiliates are earning tens of thousands of dollars each month by simply mentioning our great Audials products on their websites.

How can I register as an affiliate?

It’s very easy, to register simply navigate to our shop partner element5 and fill in your personal information, then specify how you’d like to receive your payments, either by bank/wire transfer, by check, or by direct deposit (US only). 

Within a few minutes you’ll receive a personal “affiliate ID” and become registered as an Audials affiliate and ready to make money.

Note: To enable our special affiliate discount prices, do NOT use links generated by element 5/Digital River. Please use the links below depending on which product you would like to sell! It is very important that you’ll use only the links below otherwise you’ll get wrong prices! For further help and instructions, please contact us at [email protected].

How much money do I get, and when do I get it?

You will receive a minimum of 30% of the sales price for each product sold to customers that come from your website and your commission will be paid monthly. After you register with us at element 5, we will provide you with an online sales tracking tool so that you can always know how much you’ve sold.

How can I set an affiliate link to the Audials product

It’s important that you link to our product websites so that you can receive commission for each sale that comes from you. Please use the links below depending on the product you’d like to sell:


Audials One


Audials Music


Audials Radio


Audials Movie



Please make sure that you use your personal Audials affiliate ID for the <affiliateid> ID tag in each link.

Example: Using the link https://audials.com/en/one/?affiliate=123456789 will allow you to directly link your affiliate ID 123456789 to the Audials One website.

Can I provide an affiliate version for Audials products?

Yes, you can provide an affiliate version for any of our products from your website, and many customers like to try the software before they decide to buy it. A full version license can then be directly purchased through this version, and you will receive your affiliate commission for the full version license upgrade. Please use the link below in order to assure that you receive your upgrade sales commission.




Please make sure that you use your personal Audials affiliate ID for the <affiliateid> ID tag in each link.

Example: Using the link https://audials.com/en/downloads/software-downloads.html?affiliate=123456789 will allow your visitors to directly download an Audials One version and this download will be linked to your affiliate ID 123456789.

Note: We are constantly improving our software and frequently releasing updates, therefore hosting the demo version on your own web server can lead to old and outdated versions being delivered to the customers. We strongly recommend that you use the links above and allow us to host the binary files for download for you. However, it’s possible to copy the files to your web server, and if you assure a specific file name scheme, you will still receive commission. If you wish to store these files on your web server, please contact us at [email protected] for further help and instructions.

Can I place an affiliate shop link on my website?

Yes and it’s a great idea to provide shop links on your website that will help to directly lead users into an affiliate shop where they can purchase our products. Please make sure to setup these links in the appropriate manner so to assure that you will get your sales commission through our affiliate shop.

Note: To enable our special affiliate discount prices, do not use links generated by element 5/Digital River. Please use the links below depending on which product you would like to sell.


Audials One Ultra


Audials One



Audials Vision


Audials Music


Audials Radio


Audials Movie



Please make sure to use your personal Audials affiliate ID for the <affiliateid> ID tag in each link.

Example: Using the link https://audials.com/de/home/mailingbox?tp=ao&level=retail&affiliate=123456789 will allow your website visitors to purchase the Audials One version and this sale will be linked to your affiliate ID 123456789.


After you register as an Audials affiliate, you will then have access to the “element 5 control panel”. Although you will also be able to create affiliate shop links in this control panel, we do strongly recommend for you to use the links provided above because:


  • Graphically, the shop will look nicer (and will be updated by us from time to time)
  • Occasionally we provide “up-selling” or “cross-selling” promotions and using the shop
    links above will allow you to participate in these promotions and create additional
    affiliate income.
  • If we release new and major product versions, the links coming from the “element 5
    control panel” may not work properly or sell outdated versions, whereas the links we
    provide above will always sell the latest versions.
  • We regularly offer discounts on our products on our audials.com website. If you use the links given here, your customers will also receive these discounts. However, if you use the links generated by Element5/Digital River, your customers will miss these discounts, which we therefore do not recommend.


We recommend that you contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Will Audials give me additional marketing resources?

Yes, we will provide you with a lot of marketing resources such as banners, images, flash movies, and other marketing materials you can use to present Audials products on your website. Simply download our marketing and promotions file at https://promotion.audials.com

Please contact us! Do you have any further questions or any other wishes & ideas about how we can support you as an affiliate partner? Feel free to contact us. We are always happy to provide you with any help you may need. To contact us, either use the contact link at audials.com, or email us directly at [email protected]. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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