It is can be really hird to find radio stations because there are thousands of radios in each country. However, there are some apps that can help you to find the needle in the haystack and even to discover new genres, artists and music. 

On this page we will present you some free and simple ways to find radio stations.

Best way to find radios from any country

Listen to radio for free and without any ads, discover new artists and genres. Get radio suggestions and listen to your radios near to you. Works for any device.

The Best and Easiest Free Ways to Find Radios

Find radio for free and easily

Audials Live

Audials Live is a free and ad-free online radio app with more than 100,000 radios all over the world. You can use it on your PC, Android or iOS mobile phone, tablet and more. Dive into the world of music, discover new music genres and listen to your favorite artists. Find radio stations using the search bar.

Step 1: Visit Audials Live

Open your browser and go to the Audials Live website.

Step 2: Select the radio section

If you do not want to listen to podcasts, open the radio stations section.

Step 3: Find your radio station

Select a genre or a country, go to the section of the local stations or type the name of the radio in the search bar. You can also discover top artists, suggestions and the top hits that are on air.

Step 4: Play the radio

Open the detailed view of the radio station and it will start playing immediately. Discover artists frequently played on that station, similar stations and genres. While the radio is playing, you can can continue exploring new radios and music. 

[Optional] Step 5: Manage your favorites

Click the login button at the top of the page to create a free account and to manage all your favorite radios on any device.

Radio Garden

Step 1: Access Radio Garden

Open your web browser and go to the Radio Garden website.

Step 2: Explore the Globe

Once on the Radio Garden site, you'll see a 3D globe with green dots representing radio stations.

Step 3: Find Radio Stations

Rotate the globe by clicking and dragging your mouse. Zoom in or out using your mouse wheel or the +/- buttons on the screen.

Step 4.: Select a Station

Hover over any green dot to see the name of the city and radio station. Click on a dot to start playing the radio station.

Step 5: Enjoy Listening

Once you've selected a station, the broadcast will start automatically. You can continue to explore while listening.

Step 1: Visit Radio-Locator

Go to in your web browser.

Step 2: Use the Search Function

On the homepage, you'll find various search options, including by city, state, ZIP code, or call sign.

Step 3: Find Radio Stations

Enter your search criteria in the relevant field and click the "Search" button.

Step 4: Browse Results

The search will return a list of radio stations that match your criteria. Click on a station name to get more details.

Step 5: Access the Station

On the station's detail page, look for a web link or streaming information to listen online if available.

Simple Radio by Streema

Streema offers a simple to use app to find radio located in various countries. You can listen to music for free via the web app or after instlling the app.

Step 1: Access Simple Radio

Go to the Streema website or download the Simple Radio app from the App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Search for Stations

Use the search bar to type in the name of a city, genre, or radio station.

Step 3: Find Radio Stations

As you type, suggestions will appear. Select the one you're interested in to find radio stations.

Step 4: Choose a Station

Browse through the list of available stations and click on one to start listening.

Step 5: Listen and Explore

Enjoy the live stream and explore other stations using the search function or by browsing categories.


Step 1: Visit TuneIn

Open your web browser and navigate to the TuneIn online radio app or download the TuneIn app.

Step 2: Use the Search Bar

At the top of the page, use the search bar to find radio stations, shows, or podcasts.

Step 3: Find Radio Stations

Type in the name of a station, genre, or location to find radio stations that match your interest.

Step 4: Select and Play

Click on a station from the search results to start streaming.

Step 5: Enjoy and Explore

While listening, you can explore other stations, genres, or podcasts using the search function or categories provided. If you switch to the Radio section, you will be shown the Explorer with the world map and options to select genres and find radios.

Step 1: Go to

Access in your browser or download and install the app.

Step 2: Search for Stations

Use the search bar at the top of the page to find radio stations by name, genre, city, or country.

Step 3: Find Radio Stations

Enter your search term and view the list of stations that appear as suggestions or in the search results.

Step 4: Choose a Station

Select a radio station from the list to view more information and start the live stream.

Step 5: Listen and Discover

Enjoy the broadcast and use the platform to discover new radio stations or shows based on your interests.

Find best radio, music and genres for free


It is not necessary to pay for a monthly music streaming subscription if you want to listen to good music. There are many free apps that help you to find radios playing the genres you like most. It depends on your needs and preferences which app you use to access and find radios.


How can you stream radio for free?

In the digital age, the quest to stream radio for free has become remarkably straightforward, offering listeners a vast array of options right at their fingertips. Whether you're looking to find radio stations that play your favorite tunes, delve into insightful talk shows, or stay updated with the latest news, the internet is your ultimate resource. 

To begin your journey, simply entering terms like "find radio stations online" or "find radios" into your preferred search engine can yield a plethora of websites and apps designed to cater to diverse auditory tastes. Platforms like TuneIn, Radio Garden, and iHeartRadio have revolutionized how we find and enjoy radio, providing easy access to thousands of live radio stations from around the globe. These platforms allow you to explore stations by genre, country, or even specific interests, ensuring that there's something for everyone.

Moreover, many radio stations have embraced the digital wave by offering live streaming directly on their websites. This means you can visit the station's official site and stream your favorite shows without any additional cost. 

How can I listen to radio from around the world?

There are several apps available that allow you to listen to radio stations from around the world, providing a vast selection of music, news, and talk shows at your fingertips. One notable app is TuneIn, which offers access to thousands of live radio stations globally, covering various genres and languages. Another popular choice is Radio Garden, which presents an interactive globe interface, enabling users to explore radio stations by navigating around a digital Earth. Additionally, Audials Live is a comprehensive app that not only lets you listen to worldwide radio stations but also offers recording features, so you can save your favorite shows and songs. These apps provide an easy and convenient way to explore and enjoy the rich diversity of global radio. 

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