September 2006, PC Welt: Quotes and excerpts from the review:

"Radiotracker Platinum records music from Web radio stations and is easy to operate. After installing the software, we clicked on Start. A half an hour later we already had 30 music tracks on our hard drive – all with excellent sound quality.
The software supports listening to music while it is being recorded, and also listening to previously recorded tracks while recording new music.

If no limit is pre-configured, Radiotracker will simultaneously record from as many broadcasters as possible given the bandwidth of the Internet connection ...
One strength of the software is its ability to add value to each track after it has been recorded. Through the use of a database, the software is able to populate the ID3 tags, lyrics and album cover artwork for most recordings ...

Bottom Line: The automatic support for populating lyrics and album cover artwork make the product a real stand-out."


Performance (50%): 2.0
Operation (35%): 1.0
Documentation (5%): 2.5
Installation/Uninstallation (5%): 2.0
System requirements (5%): 2.0

Final grade: 1.7 on a scale of 1 (excellent) to 5 (poor)