September 2007, RS audials complete, com! Das Computermagazin: Quotes and excerpts from the review:

Rating: 2.0

+ Multiple tools accessible from a single user interface
+ Common tasks can be handled with a click
+ Search engine for radio, video and podcasts

"The RS audials complete software package is a practical and easy-to-operate universal tool for MP3 collections. It lets users leverage four audio and video tools from A single user interface: the copy-protection remover Tunebite, the radio recorder Radiotracker and the download programs Videoraptor and Podspider. Also included is Tagrunner, a program that automatically populates the ID3 tags for all MP3 files in a specified folder, and an additional program that meets slightly different requirements — Scramby, a voice manipulation tool for Voice-over-IP software.

The software is very easy to operate. The process of recording Internet radio broadcasters started with a single click. 25 top broadcaster presets are also provided with Radiotracker. Search engines for radio, podcasts and music videos are able to ferret out good music sources ..."