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New Innovations and Optimizations

Your Audials Radiotracker now eliminates Duplicates more efficiently and offers a new Radio Experience.

Audials now has 10,000,000 users around the world! The most popular and beloved core functions have been drastically improved in the anniversary edition of Audials Gen 12. Keeping with Audials’ tried and true roots, the focus of the anniversary edition lies in the accelerated music supply, the Universal Converter and the new explosion of available file formats. But there are still more highlights to discover:

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Audials Radiotracker 12 doubles down on Duplicates

New Duplicate Manager sorts new Tracks in the Collection while recording

Brand new: The Duplicate Manager

One of the most difficult challenges since our first release in 2005, and one that still continues to present difficulties today, is recognizing and avoiding duplicates. Duplicates tend to pile up when importing a music collection or recording tracks.

With Gen 12, Audials has reached a true Milestone and is now setting new Standards. For this purpose, Audials is now offering now a special Mode:


In Gen 12, Audials is introducing the so-called title suffix. This additional tag serves to differentiate among recognized duplicates.


Audials now only selects the song in the best available quality to display. The additional duplicates are kept in the background. This ensures that you’re able to keep your music collection sorted without losing anything.

Clean up

Audials Radiotracker 12 has a new mode that lumps together all the duplicates in your collection. This helps you get rid of all the duplicates in a single step and to clean up your collection with just a click.


You can still access any of the duplicates, and choose a different copy as the preferred version or even have several duplicates displayed. This is ideal for concert tracks, unplugged recordings or remixes. It’s now much easier for you to find unwanted duplicates in your collection and to delete them with a single click.

Incredible Synergy in Combination with the Wishlist

Using the Duplicate Manager is especially powerful in combination with the wishlist. You can now use Audials Radiotracker 12 to make targeted recordings of various versions of songs, albums or artists. Audials then delivers several tracks, but only displays the best versions. By making targeted recordings of, for example, 3 versions of a song, you are still able to make visible rare unplugged versions, remixes, digitally re-mastered recordings or indie recordings from concerts and festivals at a later date. This works even better in combination with the Audials One Music Search:

Audials Radiotracker is great and does anything and everything for Radio, but Audials One does is even faster!

Since 2005, we’ve been loading up Radiotracker with everything and anything for radio. We came, saw and conquered every challenge leaving nothing to be desired and giving you the best radio tool of all time. Nevertheless, when it comes to supplying you with loads of music quickly, the Radiotracker wishlist doesn’t have a chance compared to Audials One! Our suggestion:

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In the Radio tab, you’ll get all Details to your favorite Radio Station, clearly displayed on one Page

Discover increased Convenience with the Detail Page for Radio Stations, new Views and improved Browsing

Live Radio Tiles turn Audials into a Command Central

Even before tuning in, Audials Radiotracker 12 gives you broader scope of station information from numerous stations on their respective live programming than any Audials generation ever. The new radio tiles, for example, display real-time information on the tracks being played on a wide variety of stations. Audials 12 is optimized for larger monitors and higher resolution, and now displays even more radio stations.

Side Effect: more Music

A cool side effect from the newest improvements to the live radio information in Gen 12 is the added amount of radio tracks waiting to join your collection, many of which previously were either difficult or impossible to record.

Hit Radio with fantastic Display

Major internet radio stations typically offer more than just a radio stream. Oftentimes there are different radio streams for different music genres or programs on the station. The biggest stations even offer podcasts. Audials Radiotracker 12 provides you with a detail page with all the information on what your favorite station offers.

Frequently played Artists with Images, additional matching Stations or Genres

The detail page lets you know which radio stations play which artists frequently and recommends additional radio stations or genres that may interest you.

Playlist from your favorite Radio Station for subsequent Storage of Hits

While you are listening to a radio station, a new detail page can now provide you with playlists that let you save previously heard hits later with just a click.

Global, national, regional and now even local!

The Audials Radiotracker 12 radio database now classifies stations even further. Countries are now sub-divided into state, region and city to give you stations from right around the corner.

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Podcast with new tile view

Quick finder with amazing overview

Better Usability

Podcasts offers great entertainment. The new generation 12 comes with a brand new and modern tile overview.

Now manage multiple Music Collections in the Media Center at the same Time

That’s a first for Audials Radiotracker. Plus additional Functions and Optimizations.

More Flexibility with Music Collections

Until now, your Audials Software was only able to manage one music collection. With Generation 12, however, you can create as many music collections with as many unique criteria as you want.

Artist Images in the Music Collection

In the previous generation, album artwork was introduced into the display of your music collection. With Audials Radiotracker 12, you can now use the album artwork to display the lists of artists in your collection.

Now use Apple AirPlay Stereo Systems and Speakers

In addition to using the so-called NAS-systems, Audials Generation 12 lets you use stereo systems and speakers equipped with Apple AirPlay via WLAN to playback your music.

Equalizer for precision Tuning for anyone’s Liking

The equalizer lets you set up your speakers to best suit the type of music you like. Just one more way Audials Generation 12 gives you more of your customized music.

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