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Audials Tunebite 12 Premium


New Innovations and Optimizations

Audials Tunebite 12 Premium has 23 new Audio Formats in the Audio Converter and reduces the Duration of Audiobook Conversion drastically

Audials now has 10,000,000 users around the world! The most popular and beloved core functions have been drastically improved in the anniversary edition of Audials Generation 12. Keeping with Audials’ tried and true roots, the focus of the anniversary edition lies in the accelerated music supply, the Universal Converter and the new explosion of available file formats. But there are still more highlights to discover:

23 new Audio File Formats plus a completely revamped Audiobook Mode

Convert Music and Audiobooks faster into the desired File Format with the new Converter Core

Since the launch in 2004, Audials Tunebite Premium has lead the market as the most reliable solution for problems related to unprotected audio or protected WMA files. In Generation 12 of Audials Tunebite Premium, there’s a brand new converter core for you to really let it rip:

Convert Audiobooks in Minutes instead of Hours!

The audiobook function has been revamped and now innovatively profits from the available systems: Audials Tunebite 12 Premium gives audiobook libraries, such as Apple iTunes, a virtual CD-ROM drive to enable high-quality virtual copies of the audiobook as MP3 files in the highest quality. This clever trick lets Audials Generation 12 reduce the conversion process drastically.

No more Chapter Chaos!

In the new Audials Tunebite 12 Premium, you can choose to convert the audiobook in individual files for each chapter or as one complete file without chapters.

Use Device Image to select the right Converting Profile

With Audials Tunebite 12 Premium, we not only expanded the converting profiles for the current devices, but also simplified everything. Sorted by manufacturer and displayed with a device image, it’s now easy to select the perfect profile to optimally convert media files for any device, such as Apple, Amazon, Blackberry, HTC, Google, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Asus, Huawei, Acer, Archos, Microsoft or Panasonic.

23 new Audio File Formats! Your Audials Tunebite Premium now boasts an impressive 30 Audio File Formats!

With 30 input and output file formats, Audials Tunebite 12 Premium is the king of media converters. No matter what type of media — music, audiobook, podcasts or ringtones — Audials is compatible with any file format for PC, smartphone, tablet, game console or any other device!

Audio File Input Formats
OMAWVWMA (DRM copy-protected)
Audio File Output Formats

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Improved Recording of Music Services

Audio Streaming Services are now easier to record with less Post-editing

One-Click Music Recordings

The new audio streaming recorder in Audials has a list of portals and services to let you record them in just a click. The new Audials Tunebite Premium software now lets you automatically select the best recording method.

Ads automatically recognized and avoided

One of the biggest challenges is recognizing the ads in audio streams that play between songs on music services, e.g. Spotify, and to record the music tracks as accurately as possible and without commercials. With Audials Tunebite 12 Premium, this challenge has been met to remove ads completely.

Record from Spotify & Co. even on Mute

With the brand new mute option, you can now record audio streams from music services from the background. Audials Tunebite 12 Premium registers the audio stream from websites or players and records them in the background without bothering you.

New Visual Level Indicator

With the visual level indicator, but also with messages from Audials due to insufficient volume, you can choose the exact volume you want when recording.

Complete Control during Recordings

With a discrete mini window in the background, Audials Tunebite 12 Premium displays the title of the track and indicates the volume while you record. You can also select the mute option or stop the recording at any time.

Improved automatic Tagging for increased Convenience

The new software is now even better at recognizing individual songs and displays titles during recording. This drastically reduces the required manual post-editing and gives you more of the hits you want with tons of high-quality recordings from music services.

Manual Tag post-editing with increased Possibilities

In addition to the improved automatic tagging function in the new software, you can also edit, for example, album names or other ID3 tags in the recording list. The tags of previously exported music files are also automatically edited.

Switch now to the new Audials Generation!

Switch now to the new Audials Tunebite Premium with a major loyalty discount and profit from all the improvements today.

Tons of advantages! Switch now!


Simultaneously manage numerous Music Collections, Equalizer and Apple AirPlay

Generation 12 has done a lot for Music Enjoyment and Management

Manage multiple Music Collections at once

Until now, your Audials Software was only able to manage one music collection. With Generation 12, however, you can create as many music collections with as many unique criteria as you want, e.g. separate recordings from music services from tracks purchased in online music shops.

Equalizer for precision Tuning for anyone’s Liking

The equalizer lets you set up your speakers to best suit the type of music you like. Just one more way Audials Generation 12 gives you more of your customized music.

Now use Apple AirPlay Stereo Systems and Speakers

In addition to using the so-called NAS-systems, Audials Tunebite Premium 12 lets you use stereo systems and speakers equipped with Apple AirPlay via WLAN to playback your music.