Audials Music Zoom

Welcome to our universe of music!

Visit the musical genre galaxies. Explore and zoom into all sorts of genres. Discover new music for all different tastes.

Audials Music Zoom is a completely new way to discover music.

No registration needed to download and install. Enjoy music for free and without any adverts.

With the innovative artificial intelligence of Audials Music Zoom, you can enjoy nearly every artist ever to have lived in an in-depth, infinite map of the stars, organized according to musical genres. Zoom in and discover the universe of music! Audials Music Zoom makes use of music videos off YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Veoh. This enables you to listen to every track by your desired artist in just one click.

What will I gain?

Not only does Audials Music Zoom provide entire discographies of the selected artist, it also shows the related artists. All it takes is just one more click and Audials Music Zoom will immediately start playing tracks in the best quality from available music videos on YouTube, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Veoh and Vimeo.

But wait! It gets even better!

If you can't think of an artist, then Audials Music Zoom enables you to zoom into a music genre by using your mouse wheel or a touch screen. When zooming in closer, styles of music will appear with the corresponding genres of music. You can discover similar styles and genres of music by scrolling left and right. The more popular and significant the musician, the earlier and larger they will appear on Audials Music Zoom. The more you zoom and scroll, the more you can discover. Try it out!

Audials Music Zoom is the Meta Music Search Engine for YouTube, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Veoh and Vimeo

If you have found the best version of a hit with Audials Music Zoom, you can open the page in your browser with a click on the logos of YouTube and the other video portals and mark the video with the music in your account or as bookmark.

Brilliant, free and legal – what are you waiting for! Download now and try it out:

You don’t need to register to download and install it onto your Windows PC. Audials Music Zoom runs on Windows 10, 8 and 7. It doesn’t cost a thing and can be uninstalled if you’re not happy with it. Go for it! Have some fun!

You want to know exactly how it works? Then listen closely:

Since 2005, Audials has been the leading producer of software for listening and recording music off internet radio stations. Audials boasts one of the largest databases with over 100,000 of the most important radio stations. Using so-called fingerprint technology, Audials is capable of real-time recognition when it comes to identifying which tracks are being played on internet radio stations.

This unique abundance of data consists of millions of pieces of information on tracks, discographies and internet radio stations. On top of this, Audials' data cloud has a quality index for tracks taken from leading music video portals YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Veoh.

This unique technological foundation comes down to 12 years of research and development carried out by a team of specialists. This innovative AI (artificial intelligence) of Audials Music Zoom makes use of this foundation to establish relations of similarity when it comes to songs. It is then able to arrange the artists connected to one another due to their similar styles of music on a two-dimensional space in what is known as a Music Map.

Audials Music Zoom's Music Map makes use of the Audials meta search engine technology which been praised in the specialist media for years in a row, is also popular among many users and made a name for itself thanks to the Windows software Audials One. It enables users to profit from its powerful categorization of music in top quality, allowing them to listen to music for free.