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Editions, Audials Worlds, Features and Use Cases as an Overview

Feature Tabs with Use CasesAudials
Music Rocket
Tunebite Platinum
Tunebite Premium
Audials Radiotracker
Audials World Music and more
Radio - Listen & Record InternetradiosJAJA   JA
Music Search Save Music from VideosJAJA    
Music Wishes (Radio)JAJA   JA
Music Wishes (Search) - Get MP3-Music for freeJAJA    
Podcasts - Find, subscribe and downloadJAJA   JA
Musik TV WatchJAJA   JA
Audials World Streaming
Save Music  - Record Music-StreamingJA JAJA  
Save Video  - Record Video-StreamingJA JA JA 
Audials World Universal-Converter
Converter (Audio)  - Convert file format of Music filesJA JAJA  
Audio Book Converter  - Convert Audio Book filesJA JAJA  
Converter (Video)  - Convert file format of Videos & Movies JA JA JA 
DVD-Copy  - Copy, record & archiveJA JA JA 
Audials World Media Center
Movies & EntertainmentJAJAJA JA 
All Media   - Media-CenterJAJAJAJAJAJA