Audials Radio for Android

Listen to the Radio. Record Music as MP3. Sync Music from Your PC.

The Audials app is available for your Android smartphone for free from Google Play & Amazon Kindle App Store

Listen & Record Internet Radios. Synchronize Music with Your Android Smartphone

Connect up Your Worlds at Home and on the Move with the Free Android App

Thousands of the best Radio Stations for Your Music

Online Radio, Internetradio, Webradio - just find the best radio stations for your favorite music by entering the desired artist, genre, language, country or your locality. It’s really simple with Audials.

Fast Zapping between Radio Stations

Enter a desired radio station or an artist and zap quickly between the stations to find one that best matches your music taste. Finding new radio stations has never been this easy!

Save Individual Tracks

Only Audials can save MP3s from radio stations! With mass recording, Audials offers you all the top hits from your favorite genre recorded automatically and saved as MP3s on your smartphone with all of their ID3 tags and even with cover art. If you’ve just heard a hit on the radio, you can even save the track as an MP3 afterwards from the radio history.

Mobile Entertainment with Podcasts

From news, documentaries and current affairs to language courses, tech reviews and comedy, Audials covers an extensive range of podcast. From news, documentaries and current affairs to language courses, tech reviews and comedy, the Audials App covers an extensive range of entertainment with thousands of podcasts.

Your Music Player to Enjoy Your Favorite Radio Stations and Music Files with the Equalizer!

Use the Audials App as a radio player or to play files from your own collection. Customize your personal settings with the equalizer or select one of the following presets: normal, classic, dance, flat, folk, heavy metal, hip hop, jazz, pop or rock.

Advanced Radio Player

You can use Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast to watch your favourite radios with connected devices.

Enjoy Music from Your PC Wherever You Are

Using the Audials app, you can connect your Android smartphone with your PC at home for free. This means you have direct access to your music collection at home, no matter how large it is. The Audials app enables you to search through your music collection at home, copy it and play it on your smartphone.

App Download from Google Play

Please install the app directly from Google Play using your Android smartphone. Simply use your smartphone to search in Google Play for “Audials” and then install the app. Here are a few further highlights offered by the free app:

Lots of Useful Functions

The Audials app is not only free, but also completely free of advertising! This is generally not a matter of course for smartphone apps. But it is for Audials. Audials will wake you up with your favourite radio station. The Audials app offers the best radio directory currently available for Android smartphones. You can record your music from the radio while you’re on the move.

Now Available on Your Tablet

Get the Audials Android app for 7 inch Android tablets, e.g. Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire HD, and its optimized GUI. The Audials Android app can be used in both portrait and landscape formats.