Audials Informer Archived Issues of 2019

Audials Informer appears monthly. Here you can find an Archive of all Issues published:

December 2019

The year 2019 is approaching the end, this also implies that the Christmas season is just right around the corner. We started to look around which music, movies and series could be the best entertainment for you during this delightful time and put a few suggestions together.

Top Chart Hits

Audials Brandnew keeps you posted about which songs got recently released.

More Variety of Music

Tired of your current playlist? We're happy to help. You can discover different types of music right here:  Entertain Music

Movie and Series Tips

 Audials Movie and Soundtracks facilitates decision-making by giving you a good overview of movie and series offers as well as documentaries of the major streaming services.

Songs, Suitable for Every Mood

To contract the time until the upcoming Christmas season, we set up a wishlist with matching songs for you: Audials Moods. 

Audials Podcast Recommendations

You're more into podcasts? We too! We saved a really good one: Audials Podcast of the Month.

Lyrics of the Month

The Music itself is able to evoke emotions, but the lyrics convey more details. Which song could be the right fit for you in terms of the lyrics? Find out here: Audials Lyrics.

Independent Music

Let our playlist Independent Hits of the Month surprise you with new Indie finds and discover what songs different artists offer.

Artists of the Month

Can't get enough of several songs from the same artist? Find songs from four artists who were born in November: Audials Tribute.

Tip of the Month

Do you prefer streaming music on Spotify? Then a new feature of Audials One and Audials Movie 2020 might be interesting for you. This new feature makes it possible for you to record Spotify with tenfold of the speed (compared to the playback speed). If you start the Spotify app a second time with Audials, the recording will be even faster. Click here for guidance.

November 2019

What helps against dark days in autumn? You know it, we guess: A cup of tea or coffee, a warm blanket and music or a movie. We have been looking for songs so that you will have the impression that the sun still shines as in summer. 

Our top 10 of the recent songs

In Brandnew, you will find the ultimate playlist with the newest songs for this month!

Entertain Music

You would like to get music that is sorted by genre? That is very simple thanks to Entertain Music

Movies, Series & Soundtracks

You are interested in new movies and series? You will find a selection of the best ones that are streamed since October in Audials Movies and Series.

Entertain Moods

Maybe you are looking for music for a specific purpose: For making sports, for a party, or just for relaxing and a good mood. Then we recommend you Audials Moods

Podcast of the Month

Humans often can misunderstand certain things, and there are some cases in history that are worth mentioning and that are presented in the Audials Podcast of the Month

Independent Music

What songs can indie artists offer us this month? You will learn it in the section Independent Hits of the Month

Lyrics of the Month

The lyrics we have chosen for the November newsletter deals with the question whether it is worth adapting to other people when you are different than them. 

Audials Tribute

The artist of the month are André Rieu, Jessye Norman, Sting and Chris de Burgh. Playlists with their music can be found in Audials Tribute.

Tip of the Month

Do you already know? You can record Netflix with Audials One 2020 in FullHD. It is explained in the instruction how you can use this feature. 

October 2019

Do you already know? Audials has released the 2020 software generation with new features. Like this, you can record music even faster and more comfortable: Download Spotify with 15x speed, record some music streaming services in HiFi or Master quality and import chart lists from websites as Audials playlists. 

You cannot get enough of music or you have one or more favorite categories in the Informer? Like always, you will get here a music selection. 


You will obtain ten of the best new songs in Audials Brandnew, the most popular part of the Informer! 

Entertain Music

Which music genre do you most often listen to? In Entertain Music, you will certainly find something you like. 

Movies and Series Tips

The best movies and series on Amazon and Netflix are listed in Audials Movies and Series. Additionally, there is also a playlist with series soundtracks. 

Entertain Moods

Romantic, happy, melancholic songs or music against stress: That are the types of songs you will find in Audials Moods

The Podcast of the Month

Do you need an idea which podcast is worth listening to? We can give you a tip here.  

The Lyrics of the Month

We will tell you only one thing: The lyrics of this month will be romantic! 

Independent Chart

Are you an indie music fan? We have a playlist for you here: Independent Hits of the Month


Two artists had their birthday this month. Unfortunately, we also have to say farewell to two further musicians. A selection of their songs can be obtained here: Audials Tribute

Tip of the Month

A new feature in Audials 2020 is recording Spotify per drag & drop. You can save time like this because it is not necessary to play the songs back. Here is the instruction. 

September 2019

This month, you will get playlists with various songs that are new or that many people love listening to again and again. You can download these playlists and listen to them as often as you want! 


We have added a selection of the recent songs in Audials Brandnew so that it is not necessary to search them in various charts lists.

Entertain Music

Do you like a specific music genre or many different ones? In Entertain Music, you will get songs from the most important music genres.

Movies and More

You will find all news regarding movies, series, and series soundtracks here: Audials Movies and Soundtracks

Audials Moods

Songs for relaxing, for making sports or just for a good mood: Please click on Audials Moods get this music. 

Independent Hits

If you have often listened to pop, rock and other mainstream music, maybe some independent songs are a nice change? 

Podcast of the Month

You have access to numerous podcasts and you do not know which of them you should choose? Then maybe you will like the Audials Podcast of the Month?  

The Lyrics of the Month

Which of the many songs that are released every month are especially interesting regarding the lyrics? You can learn it here: Audials Lyrics


Not only the albums and songs, but also the biographies of the artists arouse the interest of their fans. Therefore, we have choosen four artists who had their birthdays recently and give some information about their biographies in Audials Tribute

Tip of the Month

In case you like recording videos and want to know how you can avoid recording problems, we have some hints for you. 

August 2019

Do you feel like getting new music from all genres, the newest chart songs, and much more? We would like to offer you the best entertainment and cause positive emotions. Have fun trying it out!

The Recent Chart Songs

Those who always are interested in the newest music will find a selection here: Audials Brandnew Charts.

Entertain Music

Pop, Rock, US Single Charts, Dance, Oldies, and more: You will find a playlist for all genres here: Entertain Music

Movies and Soundtracks

Which soundtracks are worth listening and movies and series worth watching? You can learn it in the Audials Movies and Soundtracks section. 


In Audials Moods, you will find playlists for various purposes. Maybe, you need some sad songs or, on the contrary, party songs, music for calming down, or love songs?

The Best Independent Songs

You have a huge collection of mainstream music and want to diversify it? Then you can click here: Independent Hits of the Month.

The Audials Podcast Tip

All podcast fans will find the podcast recommendation here: Audials Podcast of the Month.

The Lyrics of the Month

Of course, the music and the optical aesthetics are important for music videos. But what did the songwriter want to describe? That is also an important aspect of a song. In Audials Lyrics, we present you a lyrics you could like. 


You can also listen to music by singers and band members, who had their birthdays this month, in Audials Tribute.

Tip of the Month

Which radio station is most suitable forrecording? In Audials, each station has a recordability symbol in the form of three bars. If all bars are white, Audials will detect the songs very well. If the bars are gray, an automatic song cutting is not possible, so please click on "Record show" in the radio station context menu.

July 2019

Your holiday will start soon and you are more and more excited? Maybe you will make a travel and you want to take the best songs with you? Thanks to the Audials playlists, you will be able to listen to the best music while you are on holiday. Have a nice time! 


Do you want to check what are the newest songs just before leaving ? No problem, you can do that here: Audials Brandnew Charts

Entertain Music

Do you feel like listening to new music genres? You will find many different songs in Entertain Music sorted by genres.

Soundtracks and Movie Tips

It does not matter whether it is sunny or rainy, sometimes, you just want to watch a new movie or series. Surely, you will find something in our Audials Movies and Soundtracks


You are curious to know which songs are the ultimate summer songs? You will learn it on our Audials Moods page. 

Independent Music

You can download the playlists with songs by artists who are not part of the mainstream music here: Independent Hits of the Month


In case you are disappointed by the weather: With the Audials Podcast of the Month, it will be easier to bear it!


Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber have created a colorful music video. But what is the lyrics about? Let us have a look: Audials Lyrics


Ron Wood from the Rolling Stones, George Ezra, Kanye West and Nancy Sinatra had their birthdays in June. We offer a selection of their music in Audials Tribute

Tip of the Month

You can record the most important streaming services with the quickstart option by clicking on the respective streaming service tile. Below these tiles, there are three further tiles for 1) recording everything that is played through the sound card, 2) playing back music and recording it parallelly, or 3) a recording without a song separation.

June 2019

We have selected for you the best songs, movies and soundtracks and we wish you a perfect entertainment in June!


You are looking for a playlist with the recent music? We can help you with the Audials Brandnew Charts

The Most Popular Music Genres

In Entertain Music, you will find various songs sorted by genres, both recent chart songs and songs you will like listening to again and again. 

News from the World of Movies

Which new movies, series and documentaries Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have released? You will learn it here: Audials Movies and Soundtracks

Audials Moods

You need music that motivates you to do sports? Or to relax and get rid of your stress? Audials Moods is the perfect solution.

Independent Music

You are looking for non-mainstream songs for your music collection? Then click here: Audials Independent Hits of the Month

Audials Podcast of the Month

If would like to keep informed about subjects like science, technology, the Internet and more, maybe you will like the Audials Podcast of the Month

A Lyrics to Think About

“Sweet but Psycho” by Ava Max has been in the charts for the last months. Now she has created another chart hit. In Audials Lyrics, you can read its lyrics. 

Tribute – The Singers of the Month

You are interested in the greatest musicians’ biographies? Then you might like Audials Tribute. Among other things, you will learn here what Adele has to do with the Spice Girls and why Janet Jackson initially did not want to perform. 

Tip of the Month

This time, our Tip of the Month is about how you can schedule a radio recording so that Audials will record music from a radio station within a period specified by you. 

May 2019

We would like to spoil you by offering you the greatest songs, movie tips for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and lots of other things! 


There are lots of songs in the charts that are several months old or even songs from last year. You need not search for the recent songs because we do that for you. You only have to click here to get them: Audials Brandnew Charts

Entertain Music

You are interested in a specific genre? You can be sure that you will find something in Entertain Music

Movies, Series and Soundtracks

In Audials Movies and Soundtracks, there is a list with movies and series from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that are worth watching. You will receive a playlist with the best soundtracks from series as a bonus. 

Audials Moods

You are happy or you just want ro relax? In Audials Moods, you will find suitable music! 

Indie Music

Here you will find songs that are not part of the mainstream music. You haven’t listened to independent music yet? Now you can try it by clicking here: Audials Independent Hits of the Month

Podcast of the Month

Audials offers you a huge amount of music, movies and podcasts so that you are spoiled for choice. If you do not know which podcast you should choose, then the Audials Podcast of the Month perhaps will be an option for you? 

Audials Lyrics

Which lyrics is especially original? If we say that this lyrics is sung by the Jonas Brothers, you will likely know which song we mean. You can read the lyrics here: Audials Lyrics

Tribute – The Musicians of the Month

Leona Lewis, Pharrell Wiliams, Robert Smith from The Cure and Barbra Streisand had their birthday in April. You want to get playlists with their songs? Then click here, please: Audials Tribute

Tip of the Month

We publish our Tip of the Month on Facebook. This time, the subject of our monthly tip is how you can import our playlists in Audials, for example Brandnew, Audials Moods, etc. 

April 2019

The most thrilling movies and series and the latest songs are waiting to be discovered by you. We start this spring with a lot of power and in an excellent mood. And we want to share this energy with you! Get the spring power with the Audials Informer for April 2019! 

Brand New – Only the Newest Songs!

Which songs have recently been published and have the potential to become great hits? You will learn it here: Audials Brand New playlist

Music Charts – The Best Songs from All Genres

You want a music collection that comprises all facets of music? In the Audials Music Charts, all genres are included, form pop to oldies. 

The Recent Movies, Series and Soundtracks

Which movies and series are worth watching on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video? Which soundtracks are worth listening to? You can learn it here: Audials Movies and Soundtracks.

Enjoy this Spring with Audials Moods

The days are becoming longer and the first flowers start blooming.  We want your spring mood to become more intense. Therefore, we have created a special spring playlist. You can get it here:  Audials Moods.

The Best of Independent Music

Do you feel like getting music that is outside of the mainstream? Then we recommend you the Independent Hits of the Month

Audials Podcast of the Month

You have access to thousands of podcast and you do not know which of them you would likt to listen to? Then click on Audials Podcast of the Month and you will get a recommendation. 

Audials Lyrics

We have chosen a song by Flora Cash this time. Curious? You will find the lyrics here: Audials Lyrics.


Chris Martin (Coldplay), Liza Minnelli, Elton John and Lady Gaga had their birthdays in March. Their short biographies are published in Tribute

Tip of the Month

You wonder how to record films and series from Amazon Video? You will find the answer how you can do that on our Facebook channel

March 2019

The Winter will come to an end soon and we would like to offer you the most exclusive entertainment again. You can relax and lean back while we are showing you what is new in the world of music and films. By the way, we have a new topic in our Informer: It is the Audials Tip of the month. 

Brand New

Keep up-to-date which chart hits are brand new. You can simply look up here: Audials Brand New playlist

Audials Music Charts

The Audials Music Charts offer you a selection of ten of the best songs in various genres. 

The Recent Series and Movies

Dear Netflix and Amazon fans, we have created a selection of the best movies and series recently added by that streaming services here: Audials Movies and Soundtracks

Audials Moods

Audials Moods will let you relax and be in a good mood. 

Independent Music

The Independent Hits of the Month are dedicated to those who already know the other genres and search for an alternative.

Audials Podcast of the Month

Audials makes available a huge amount of podcasts. If you do not know which of them you should choose, just follow this link: Audials Podcast of the Month

Audials Lyrics

Which lyrics is so unusual that it is worth studying it? You will learn it here: Audials Lyrics


Which of the artists had their birthdays in February? Shakira, Robbie Williams, Rihanna and James Blunt. You will find a short biography of all of them in Tribute

Tip of the Month

We will publish our Tip of the Month in the future to ensure that you use the Audials software in an optimal manner. We will post the Tip of the Month on our Facebook channel. 

February 2019

We have selected for you the best current charts and former hits. Futhermore, we recommend to you a podcast, a lyrics and information about musicians who had their birthday in January. Have a nice time and enjoy the entertainment!

Brand New

We have ten of the best brand new songs for everyone, who always wants to listen to the most recent music. You can follow this link: the Brand New Playlist

Audials Music Charts

Audials Music Charts is a selection for any taste: You will find there rock, pop, US single charts and much more. You also can discover new songs. Just try it! 

Series and Movie Soundtracks

Do you like soundtracks in recent series and films? Then you will like the Audials Movies and Soundtracks

Audials Moods

Do you want to make sports, to get rid of stress or to fight winter blues? Audials Moods will help you. 

Indie Music

Those, who want to diversify their music collections, should look up in our Independent Hits of the Month

Podcast of the Month

You would like to learn about new aspects in your everyday life, but you dislike reading books? Then discover the invisible and fascinating world of design and architecture with the help of the Audials Podcast of the Month

Audials Lyrics

People often pay more attention to the music of a song than to the lyrics. That is not fair and should be compensated, at least partly. Therefore, we regularly publish one lyrics in Audials Lyrics

Tribute – A Homage to Selected Artists

Some singers had their birthday in January and we present short biographies of some of them in Audials Tribute, as always. We do not only choose artists who are popular nowadays but also those whose songs were popular in the past. 

January 2019

We will offer you the best recommendations from the realm of music, podcasts and movies – for a great start into the new year. 

You Will Find The Newest Hits Here!

The Audials Brand New playlist is a collection of songs who have been released recently. Impress your friends with your knowledge about the recent songs. 

Music Charts

Pop, rock or music charts from the past: Audials Music Charts is a good choice for nearly all music fans. 

The Best Movie and Series Soundtracks

It can happen that you love the soundtrack in the recent film but you do not know the song title. We try to help you with the Audials Movies and Soundtracks list every month. 

Audials Moods – Happiness Non-Stop!

There are days in our life when some things go wrong. Did that happen to you? Then take a break. Audials Moods will help you. 

The Independent Music

This part of the Audials Informer gives you the opportunity to listen to completely different music. Especially when you already know all the other genres. You can follow this link: Independent Hits of the Month.


You do not know which podcast you should prefer? Then go to the Audials Podcast of the Month. This time, you will learn a lot about the linguistic peculiarities of the English language. 

Lyrics – Enjoy the Poetry in Your Music

If you like to read lyrics and to think about them as if they were a poem, we will give you the opportunity to do that. Every month, you will find a lyrics in Audials Lyrics


Audials Tribute offers information about singers and musicians who had their birthday in December. You will find a list with the best songs by these artists, too. 

What was on top in 2018?

Get the charts, movie tips, moods and find additional interesting contents.

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