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A Player for Music, Radio, TV and Podcasts 


Audials AG is releasing Audials Play – a brand new, free program for Windows.
Audials Play lets you play everything: your own music collection, every radio station, TV channels and podcasts as well as music and content from all streaming services and video portals.
It also intelligently expands your music collection and is saved on smartphones and cloud storage. Thanks to the right apps, you can also enjoy content when on the move.

Powerful Music Player and Manager

Thanks to Audials Play, the process of finding and enjoying music and saving your favorite hits to your playlist is both simple and intuitive. You can even connect streaming services, such as Spotify or Amazon Music, and video portals to Audials Play and browse them with greater ease than ever before. Thanks to this feature, your music collection can be expanded by thousands of songs in just a few clicks. Larger music collections can also easily be organized, renamed or copied between your smartphone and cloud storage. 

Enormous Range of Radio Stations & Podcasts

From a selection of over 100,000 radio stations and more than a million podcasts from around the world, you can either specifically search for your favorites or simply listen to and save recommendations. Music tracks are carefully clipped from radio stations and saved together with the artist name, song title, album cover, lyrics and other information. Audio and video podcasts are arranged based on topic including comedy, sports, science, culture and many other categories. You can also save individual episodes in a matter of seconds.

Watch TV shows live 

Thanks to a large selection of live TV streams and music TV from well-known TV stations, you can easily access what's on. You can watch shows either in full-screen mode or in a separate window. Set your favorites in just one click to help you find them more quickly later on. 

Apps for iOS and Android 

Thanks to high-performance apps for iOS and Android, which are also free of charge, radio stations, podcasts and music can be enjoyed at any time, even when you're out and about.

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About Audials

Based in Germany, Audials AG is a leading software company specializing in the recording of audio and video streams. Audials technology has received numerous awards from the international specialized press and has been crowned winner in public polls on multiple occasions. The products are available online at or at specialist retailers. Audials One can also be obtained on a subscription basis exclusively on Audials software is optimized for Microsoft Windows (Windows 10, 8) and is also available as an app for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS.

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