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The Audials One Review Results

This year, we have lanced Audials One 2019. Software experts have tested the new software. Which features are especially important for them? Here are some quotations. (translation)

,,Audials One will be the best solution if you want to save music from music streaming services and music video websites with the maximum speed. Audials browses legal music sources and shows results from 120 genres. If you search the name of a singer, a song or a genre in ,,Music", you will receive a list with suggestions und you can listen to the song directly or save it as an MP3 file. ID3-tags, the album cover and the lyrics are added autamically.

Recording videos is equally easy: Choose one of the pre-configured streaming services. Alternatively, record the video directly from the PC desktop by playing  the film and Audials records it. When the recording is finished, the software saves the file automatically with a file name and a film cover. You can also edit the metadata on your own.

The batch recordig tool for series and films is unique. With this tool, you can record automaticaly an entire video list and create a film collection overnight."

,,To get the basic ideas right, Audials One 2019 is the complete solution for finding, accessing, keeping and managing different kinds of media content from the Internet. Be it music, movies, podcasts or the latest season of the Netflix series, Audials One 2019 will help you deal with everything. Diversity is what makes Audials One 2019 one of the best tools out there you know."
,,Audials One 2019 lets you find, download, record and manage your music collection. You can download your favorite songs from various sources, including YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon etc. It has 5x speeds for recording music from Spotify — probably the only tool to offer the same.
But, if you ask us, the best feature of Audials One 2019 is Music Bot. This will suggest a personalized music playlist, based on your favorite musicians. We also loved the option to complete the music collection via MP3 tags and other data from the Internet."
,,Movies and TV Series is another section where Audials One 2019 can be of great help. This tool is optimized for not only streaming but also saving content from popular networks like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and a plenty of other websites.
You can even record the file when you’re watching a favorite episode or a full movie. The simple UI will let you do these in a matter of seconds, which is great. Last but not least, you can even use Audials One 2019 to record TV series back to back."
,,An intuitive UI is something that makes Audials One 2019 usable for everyone."


Computer Bild (26/2018, translation)

,,Your preferred music should be permanently available – without an expensive Spotify, Apple Music or Youtube subscription? Audias One 2019 charts edition can solve this problem! The powerful software uses a huge database with numerous artists and songs so that you can enjoy your music non-stop!"

,,The offered charts edition is specialized in displaying brand new top charts from various genres every month. You can listen to the songs immediately, you can create new playlists or even save MP3 music legally on your PC."


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