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The first Audials 2020 reviews after the release

This month, Audials has released a new software generation with Audials One, Audials Music, Audials Movie and Audials Radio. As in the previous years, Audials One contains all features of the other products. Here you can read the first reviews of the Audials 2020 software. (Audials One 2020) 

“What's new in the 2020 edition is support for lossless encoding, with 96KHz/24-bit quality using FLAC, OGG or WAV containers.” (Audials One 2020, translation) 

Drwindows describes Audials in the headline of the review as: “The Swiss pocket knife for your own media collection.

“Albums and playlists from Spotify now can be added by drag & drop or by copying the URL, that works considerably faster and more comfortable than with the web player integrated in Audials. Before saving the tracks, you can adjust their order or remove single songs to subsequently download the album or the playlist and to save it as an MP3 file.” (Audials One 2020, translation) 

“It is now possible to record subtitles as many users have expressed this wish.” (Audials One 2020, translation) 

“Customers who have bought Audials One 2020 additionally get the Audials apps with further features for iOS and Android for free.” (Audials One 2020) 

“The latest edition of Audials lets you record in the best quality (upto 96 kHz/24bit). FLAC file playback is also supported in Audials One 2020. Even if your sound card doesn’t support 96 kHz/24 bit, you can still record music in the best format without any quality loss.” 

“You can copy the URL of any website that lists tracks (charts, playlists, etc.) and paste the URL into Audials, and all of the website’s songs will be listed. You can start listening to them or download them from any music platform.” 

“With a completely revised video recording engine, Audials One 2020 uses the latest encoding technology to provide the best possible image quality, especially for modern mp4 formats such as H.264 and HVEC. Audials can encode videos by directly using the graphic card of your system (NVidia, Intel OnBoard and AMD).” 

“Audials 2020 is the only software in the market that lets you watch and record Netflix videos in top 1080P resolution.” (Audials One 2020) 

“One major new highlight in the new release is the doubling in speed of recording both music and audiobook streams – this translates to streams being captured 15 times faster than the regular playback time.” (Audials Radio 2020, translation) 

“With Audials Radio (formerly Audials Radio), you can not only listen to more than 100.000 online radio stations and podcasts, but also record single songs or entire programs and save them locally in various formats. A clear interface, many comfortable features and a well-developed music organization of saved songs complete  the web radio software.” 

The highlighting is not in the original texts.


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