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New Audials 2020 with ground-breaking recording quality and speed

Audials AG's streaming recorders and their unique functions have established themselves as state-of-the-art solutions, enabling users to store high-quality music and videos legally. From September 2019 onwards, Audials Generation 2020 will be available on online shops and in specialist stores.

New product range

In addition to the flagship that is Audials One 2020 – including all the features – three other products complete the portfolio: Audials Music 2020 for recording both music streams and audiobooks, Audials Movie 2020 for storing video streams and Audials Radio 2020 for intelligent radio recording.

Focus on speed and quality

The new 2020 version boasts twice the speed and high-resolution audio support for music stream recording, as well as significant optimizations for recording Full HD video streams in top image quality without any loss.

Other new features on Audials 2020

The abundance of new features and improvements has already convinced beta testers. You can now, for example:

  • record music and audiobooks 15 times faster than regular playback time
  • save lossless-encoded recordings in high-resolution audio up to 96kHz/24 bit, e.g. in FLAC format 
  • find music that is listed on any website on streaming services and download it instantly
  • enjoy recordings of videos and TV content in considerably better picture quality thanks to GPU encoding

App as the ideal companion

Customers of Audials One 2020 will also get the Audials apps with additional features for iOS and Android free of charge. Exciting features come as a result of combining the PC with the apps, since users can effortlessly enjoy music wherever they are. 
Audials – it's my stream
Audials 2020 is the world's most comprehensive tool when it comes to recording streams and organizing music and videos in a simple, standardized and consistent user interface.
Those interested can find out more on or contact the company directly. 

About Audials

Audials AG is a leading software company in the field of audio and video streaming. Audials technology has received numerous awards from the international trade press and has been voted the winner in a number of public polls. The software editions Audials One, Audials Music, Audials Movie and Audials Radio are available online at, in the Windows Store or in specialist shops. Users can also subscribe to Audials One exclusively on Audials AG offers companies individual services as well as an API with an interface for other manufacturers. Audials software has been optimized for Microsoft Windows operating systems and is also available as an app for smartphones and tablets for the mobile operating systems Android and iOS.

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