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News regarding the free Audials Apps in the Microsoft store


The Audials team permanently works on enhancing the existing software and offering you new apps and programs with unique features so that you can rejoice at the best possible quality. Some of the apps are free. So just try them. 

Recently, we have updated the Audials Radio app and we have added the new app Audials Internet TV Player so that you get even more top quality entertainment. 


The music all-rounder 

With Audials Radio, you have access to 100.000 Internet radios and more than 260.000 podcasts. You can record music from the radio and save as MP3 files. Just enter an artist, a genre, a language or a country and you will find the ideal radio station. Fast zapping between the radio stations is possible, too. Audials Pins give you the opportunity to easily add genres, artists or countries to the home screen, so you can access them with one click. Furthermore, we offer you access to news, game previews, movie shows or sports reports. 


The TV live stream specialist 

With the Audials Internet TV Player, you can watch more than 300 stations from the USA, the United Kingdom and other countries. You can view the TV streams in full screen mode in top quality. The music TV can run as a detached window while you work with other software. Additionally, you will have access to a huge collection of podcasts that is regularly updated. 


Download the free Audials Radio in the Microsoft store

Download the free Audials Internet TV Player in the Microsoft store

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