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Down below we've ve put a selection of reviews about the Audials Software regarding  the features radio and music: (about Audials One 2020, translation) 

" 'Audials One' enables you to legally download music and videos from the Internet for free.

To put this project into action 'Audials One' needed to unite each tool's (‘Audials Music’, ‘Audials Movie’ und ‘Audials Radio’)  features into one software. This association offers access to millions of music tracks, live streams, media centers, podcasts and music TV offerings. Found music tracks can easily be stored as MP3 files (optionally also as WMA or AAC) on the computer."

"When you enjoy music on the computer, Styles is making sure that you stay in the right mood. You can vary between different types of music and based on the atmosphere the design of the surface, the selection of music and the suggestions change.'' (about Audials Music 2020) 

“The software allows you to save favorite songs from any internet source."

"Enjoy your music collection everywhere! Also you will able to record audiobooks from streams. It’s fast, convenient, and always in top quality. Create your own audiobook collection!” (about Audials Radio 2020) 

“Want to quickly find a known channel? Simply search. You'll find all the commercial and independent radio stations. However, if you a more specific station, then search by music tastes. You can choose between pop, synthpop, chart, house, dubstep and many other styles.” 

“If you're overwhelmed by a station, add it to your favourites. Next time you start Radio, you'll see a history of your previous radio channels, making it easy to find one of your previous choices.” 

“Lastly, there's a quick record function for grabbing audio from your station. If you like something you hear or know there's something you want to record, choose this option whilst the station is playing and Radio will record the audio to your PC.” 

The highlighting is not in the original texts. 


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