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Computer experts regularly test the Audials software. Like this, you can learn whether it is worth using the Audials products or not. (Audials One 2019) 

“In today's fast paced world of content consumption, finding plentiful, LEGALLY available audio and video can be a problem.  Ripping CD's for your digital music player has become common place and acceptable, but yanking movies from DVD's is still somewhat of a no-no. Downloading MP3's and the like from the digital store of your choice is ok, but can be expensive if you have a large ‘appetite.’ This is the main reason why I like Audials One. It’s a content engine for Windows. 

Audials helps you find the music you're looking for when you need and want it.  All you really need to do is enter a preferred genre, artist, album or song title, and Audials will provide you with your desired music.” (Audials Music Tube) 

Audials Music Tube is a comprehensive piece of software that allows users to browse the ever-expanding music universe on YouTube, sorted by genres, artists, and albums, and even connect it with their music collection from computers or other devices.” 

“Users are provided with weekly charts which include some of the best rock, pop, dance, and 80s songs.” 

“With the help of the Music Zoom feature which uses AI technology, users can discover an incredible amount of hits from a wide range of styles and eras.” (Audials One 2019) 

“Audials one can record media from literally anywhere on the Internet.” 

“Just open Audials One, and once you are in Home you can search for your favourite Music, Video, TV, and podcasts from major streaming platforms by just typing in the search box. Search is super fast and response is instant.” 

“For example, you can download Movies and TV Shows from Prime Video by just clicking PrimeVideo icon then you will see a recording overlay. 

Now, just play the video you want to download and Audials one will catch that playing video directly once it started playing. See, it is as simple as that.“ 

“Audials One not only lists all the podcasts but organises them based on categories which are very useful for podcast lovers.” 

“Audials One has a special place for Television. You can stream and download Live TV and Music Channels directly from Audials One without even leaving it. This is a relief not to use multiple apps for various things.” 

“Overall, Audials is one of the best ways to download your favourite media which reduces the hassle to download media. It is an all-in-one tool for all your media needs with its powerful search, suggestions, bot, converter and much more. If you are someone who always wants to download media then I will highly suggest you try Audials One and stop worrying about ways to download media.” (Audials One 2019) 

“In short, the redesigned Audials has a simpler interface, advanced features and personalized search options which gives users a completely new experience of watching, recording and downloading music, movies, videos, channels, and TV series.” 

“The newly released Audials One 2019 saves music in the quickest way possible.” 

High-quality television regardless of the device you are using.” 

“You can listen to any radio station in the world, record and save it.” 

High-quality video streaming recording” (Audials One 2019) 

“Audials One has also the best in the class converter and screen recorder. The converter lets you convert your music and videos into pretty much any format you want. The built-in screen recorder lets you record your screen. It is actually designed for recording when something is playing but you can also use it for recording anything else. So no need for other third-party apps for just screen recording.” 

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