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That is what bloggers and journalists think about Audials 2020

Further reviews about the new software have been published. Here are some extracts: (about Audials One 2020) 

“Radio stations, music streams, video clips and movies from video streams can be recorded  and saved in top quality as individual files.” 

“The software contains one of the world’s best universal audio and video file converter.” (about Audials One 2020) 

“an all-in-one media management tool” 

,,You can use this utility to find, record and organize a variety of content — including but not limited to music, movies, radio and audiobooks. For each of these content types, optimized recording options are available. It’s like a powerful assistant who knows everything and anything about media management.” 

“There are several online radio stations out there at this point and Audials One 2020 will keep you stuck to a lot of them. You can explore 10,000 stations across the globe and record content at 320kbps. Audials One 2020 is so intelligent that it can automatically remove commentaries and commercials from the end-result of recording. You can even use the same engine for setting up timer-based recordings.” (about Audials One 2020) 

“Audials One 2020 is your best companion when it comes to recording/downloading movies and TV series. If you cannot find a download link, you can use the program to record the playback at the highest quality.” 

“If you are asking us whether Audials One 2020 is worth it, the answer is a big YES.” (Audials One 2020) 

“It's excellent to see Audials continuing to iterate and improve its software each year, taking feedback from users on board, and Audials One 2020 is its strongest release so far. 

The developers are having to work fast to keep pace with the rapidly changing world of TV and music streaming, and as ever more companies jump into the fray, tools like Audials One are going to become hugely important.” (about Audials Music 2020) 

“You can also use the program to find music, either by searching by artists (and finding other related musicians), genres, browsing various playlists and compilations, or by using the Music Zoom feature. The latter displays music genres and artists like a galaxy which you can explore by simply dragging your mouse.” (about Music 2020) 

“If you are a music enthusiast, it’s equally important to find new music at regular times. Thankfully, Audials Music has a powerful engine for that as well. Once it learns your taste, Audials Music can provide you rather an unlimited supply of new music tracks. For instance, if you cannot find a specific track on the default music streaming service, just tell Audials Music. The tool would search its enriched database to discover the specific track.” 

“Now, Audials Music is made exclusively for music enthusiasts. This program allows you to save or record songs/audiobooks/podcasts and other audio content from various internet sources. Regardless of the song you are looking for, Audials Music would help you find the source and help you download/record it.” 

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