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What does the press think about the Audials software?

If you asked whether it is worth using Audials software, we would be able to say yes because we have analysed what tech experts have reported in their reviews. (Translation) 

“With the ‘Audials Internet TV Player’, you can watch video podcasts, TV and music TV channels on your PC. The tool offers both national and international programs. For example, German channels like Das Erste, ZDF, Pro7, Sat1, RTL and 37 other channels from the Internet are available. Furthermore, you have access to more than 5000 series and programs with more than 10 000 episodes. With the live TV streams, you can watch more than 300 German, Austrian and Swiss channels and channels from other countries.” (about Audials One)

"The application's main feature is its ability to instantly find radios by a user-defined keyword. The found stations can be grouped by popularity, alphabetically, by bitrate or 'recordability'. Recordability, in case you are wondering, refers to how suitable a radio station is for recording with automatic song cutting features. Depending on this quality, Audials One can record and save each song as a single file instead of a bulk item containing several songs.” 

"With its user-friendly interface and multiple features, Audials One truly is a useful application that you can rely on to record and save songs or videos to your computer.” (Translation)

‘’Audials One enables you to search for videos and/ or music in more than 60 000 Internet radio stations, among podcasts, in Last.FM, My Space, YouTube, Metacafe, Friendster, Yahoo! Video and many other sources to save them on your computer. After that, the software directly converts your videos and music files into the format suitable for your MP3 player. So it is possible to transfer music and videos to your MP3 player, iPod, your smartphone, PSP and other devices.” 

"Audials Internet TV Player & Recorder is that one player that plays them all: you can search for and watch hundreds of TV streams including those from BBC, CNN, and Fox. There are music streams, podcasts, and radio stations as well – ready to be listened, watched and recorded.” 
"First to mention is certainly the powerful search. You just start typing keywords and the program scrounge around for the matching streams or podcasts so you can instantly play them. Importantly, Audials Internet TV Player correctly works with local symbols and correctly finds German, Spanish, French and other local TV and music streams. You can search for a specific programme, episodes, language, in the specified category.” 
"Want to record a new episode from Netflix or HBO air? No problem. Need a local copy of a YouTube stream? Simply. Podcasts and radio broadcasts also can be recorded with a click.” 


The highlighting is not in the original texts.


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