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Audials 2021 revolutionizes stream recording


Audials AG is releasing Audials 2021 – a new music and video stream recording software for Windows – on Thanks to enhanced functionality and numerous new features and improvements, the process of recording music and videos from streaming services is faster and more convenient than ever, and always produces high quality results. Audials 2021 enables users for the first time to record video streams at double speed.

This is how Audials is able to satisfy the growing demand of millions of users for stream recordings.

A world’s first: record video streams at twice the speed

Audials 2021 enables video streams from all major providers to be played back at twice the speed when using a web browser. It records movies and series in Full HD with no loss of quality. As of now, no other software on the market is offering a comparable feature, making Audials a pioneer when it comes to providing users with an entirely new recording experience. 

Save music streams at an incredible speed

Music from all popular services can now be recorded at up to 30 times the speed. High-resolution audio is saved in a lossless encoded format.

New Media Manager enhances music & movies

Thanks to the new Audials 2021 Media Manager, organizing huge collections of music and personal video libraries across multiple storage locations such as PC, smartphone and the cloud is as easy as child's play.

The way that any changes made to files are instantly displayed and processed in the background provides an unrivaled experience.

Numerous other innovative features and brand-new functions round off Audials 2021 perfectly.

Journalists and beta testers who tested the software prior to its release were highly impressed by Audials 2021.

Fast and powerful stream recorder

With its newly designed interface, the flagship product Audials One 2021 offers users the chance to record streams and organize their music and videos at a price of $79.90. To meet the demands of other fields of application, Audials is also releasing Audials Music 2021, Audials Movie 2021 and Audials Radio 2021, each at a price of $39.90. The PC software is also complemented by improved free apps for Android and iOS. 
Upon request, the company will provide licenses for test reports. 

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About Audials

Audials AG is a leading software company specializing in the recording of audio and video streams. Audials technology has received numerous awards from the international specialized press and has been crowned winner in public polls on multiple occasions. The products are available online at or at specialist retailers. Audials One can also be obtained on a subscription basis exclusively on Audials software is optimized for Microsoft Windows (Windows 10, 8) and is also available as an app for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS.

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