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Audials One 2020 Reviews

In the last weeks, more articles about the features of Audials One 2020 have been published. Here you can read some extracts about what the software is useful for from the point of view of the media. 

Audials One is also mentioned in an article about the best music downloaders in 2019:  

“Audials One isn't free, but it's the most comprehensive music downloader we've tried. It takes you back to the good old days of recording songs from the radio; just specify a track you want, and it will scan online radio stations and 'record' it live when it's played.”

“Users get a huge collection of music, movies and series easier, faster and still in the highest quality.” 

“Audials One is the complete package for music and film lovers.” 

“Record all music you want to hear – in the best quality with automatic addition of ID3 tags, album cover and lyrics. On top, you can use Audials in combination with your subscription to video streaming services and record movies and series in the easiest way thanks to preconfigured tiles for all top services.” 

"The new generation also includes the option to watch and capture Netflix contents in full HD (1080p). Enjoy the best resolution, again and again. Only Audials has additionally the batch recorder or automatic series recorder on board."

“Never miss any highlight on TV with hundreds of live TV streams to watch and record the best programs with a single click. Enjoy top channels from the US, UK and many international programs.”

“Music and radio playback and recording options make up a large part of Audials One 2020's performance. You discover 4 entries -- Music, Radio, Music Streaming, and Playlists -- listed within the sidebar navigation.” 

“A click on Music displays music lists, e.g. charts, compilations or related artists you can discover instantly. You end up with curated lists of music which you could play immediately within the interface or document.” 

“Audials One 2020 is a universal multimedia downloader and converter for Windows.” 

The highlighting is not in the original texts. 


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