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New! Audials Informer May 2020

The Coronavirus continues to keep many countries in suspense, therefore it is still important to stay at home whenever possible. To make this time more pleasant for you, the Audials Informer has a lot of new wish lists, film and series tips ready for you.  

Brandnew Songs

Snatch the popular wishlist Audials Brandnew with the latest songs. 

Discover the Diversity of Music

In Entertain Music you will find more chart hits sorted by genre. There you will definitely find something that matches your taste. 

Film and Series Tips

Learn in Audials Films and Soundtracks which films, series and documentaries were the highlights in April. 

Audials Moods

You need more songs preventing you from being sad? You will find a wish list in Audials Moods

Indie Hits

For all the Indie-lovers there is another wishlist for you: Independent Hits of the Month.  

Lyrics Recommendation

Every month we are on the lookout for special lyrics for you. Let yourself be surprised by the meaning of this month's pick on Audials Lyrics.

Artists of the Month

In Audials Tribute we introduce four artists. Additionally, there's a wish list with a selection of their best songs.  

Tip of the Month

Do you enjoy listening to certain radio stations or artists and want to get more songs that fit your music taste? For this, the music bot is the ideal function in Audials One. We'll explain how to use the bot here

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