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Microsoft Store boasts new "Audials Play" app


Audials AG launches the Audials Play PC app on the Microsoft Store, enabling users to enjoy radio stations, podcasts & TV free of charge. In just a few clicks, users can now add thousands of songs, podcasts and TV shows to their own personal media library. Sorting, renaming and copying even the largest of music libraries from smartphone to cloud storage is carried out quickly and easily.

Playing and organizing music

Audials Play will find all favorite tracks and neatly save them along with cover art and lyrics. Even the largest of music libraries can be easily sorted, renamed, or copied between smartphone and cloud storage. Popular video portals can also be linked to Audials Play and browsed for music. This means that users' music libraries can quickly be enlarged by thousands of songs. 

New radio experience featuring all the top stations

Audials Play features the most extensive list of radio stations with more than 100,000 stations from all over the world. It remembers users' favorites and saves accurately trimmed tracks from radio stations, complete with artist name, song title, album artwork, lyrics and more.

TV shows live or on demand

Thanks to a large selection of live TV streams or music TV from well-known TV stations, users can easily access what's on. Users can watch shows either in full-screen mode or in a separate window. Favorites are set in just one click to help users quickly find them later on. 

Huge selection of podcasts

Audio and video podcasts are organized according to category such as comedy, sports, science, culture and numerous others. The most recent episodes are always automatically displayed and users can download episodes within seconds if needed.

At home, on the move or in the car

Audials Play is not only available as a Windows PC app, but also works on smartphones and tablets that run Android and iOS. This allows music libraries to be intelligently expanded and easily managed on mobile devices or cloud storage.

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Audials AG is a leading software company specializing in the recording of audio and video streams. Audials technology has received numerous awards from the international specialized press and has been crowned winner in public polls on multiple occasions. The products are available online at or at specialist retailers. Audials One can also be obtained on a subscription basis exclusively on Audials software is optimized for Microsoft Windows (Windows 10, 8) and is also available as an app for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS.

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