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New! Audials Informer September 2021

Enjoy your leisure time with the best music chart hits from various genres like rock, pop, dance, and oldies. Also, stay up to date on the best music videos, singles, and independent hits. We'll also tell you about the latest film and series highlights. We wish you a lot of fun and nice entertainment!



The recent chart hits by Camila Cabello, Tones and I and others. To the Brandnew Charts

Entertain Music

Popular hits by Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran etc. sorted by genre. Access the Entertain Hits.

Happy & Chill Out Moods

The four Audials Moods wish lists offer you songs for relaxing, feeling happy and more.


Discover further new songs that are not part of the mainstream music.

Video Streaming Tips

Here you can find the best series and films currently available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Song Text of the Month

The music videos of the South Korean band BTS are watched by billions of people, because the songs make one thing above all else: a good mood! This month we present you the lyrics of a current song by BTS.

Tip of the month

Have you already recorded all the pieces of music that you absolutely wanted? Then discover new songs, artists, albums, playlists and genres in Music -> Load. This function is available in Audials One or Audials Music. Learn how to discover new music.

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