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Volkswagen Group: Audials now provides radio database for entertainment systems  

Audials is now a partner of the Volkswagen Group and has its radio database integrated into all internet-capable entertainment systems of the brands Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Seat, and Škoda. Users can now enjoy their favorite radio stations from all over the world, as the Audials database is highly comprehensive and diverse across various genres. Through the internet-based connection to the Audials service, radio stations can be selected, listened to, and enjoyed regardless of location.

The implementation of the Audials database is carried out via the entertainment system developed by Volkswagen. A mobile phone connection via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is not necessary. Audials, in cooperation with the Volkswagen Group, has equipped the existing entertainment system with the company's in-house radio station catalog, which now feeds and continuously updates the database.

For Audials, the cooperation with the Volkswagen Group is another milestone on a successful path to the future. With its media organizer and streaming recorder "Audials One" for Windows, the company offers one of the leading products in its field, which continues to evolve year after year and provides solutions for various problems of the modern streaming world. With "Audials One", content from music and video streaming services as well as radio stations can be recorded and stored as private copies.

Audials now offers numerous solutions for mobile devices to continue enjoying favorite radio stations worldwide even outside of one's own car. The free app "Audials Play" provides access to over 100,000 radio stations and 2 million podcasts in various topics on the go. With "Audials Play," users can also record radio stations. The app is available for both Android and iOS and can also be used via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, for example, when traveling in a rental or leased car.

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The Audials AG is a leading company for software in the field of audio and video streaming recording. The Audials technology has been frequently awarded by the international trade press and has been chosen as the winner in public votes multiple times. The products are available online at or in retail stores. Audials One is also offered to end consumers as a subscription exclusively on Audials software is optimized for Microsoft Windows operating systems (Windows 11, 10) and is also available as apps for smartphones and tablets for the mobile operating systems Android and iOS.


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