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Audials Releases Extensive AI Update for Its Popular Software with New Version 2024.1


Audials AG, a leading provider of software solutions for audio and video recording, releases a comprehensive update for its popular video enhancement software Audials Vision and Audials One Ultra with version 2024.1. The new version brings groundbreaking improvements based on artificial intelligence that ensure breathtaking video quality.

Correcting Resolution with Face Recognition and Enhancement

The new face enhancement feature can increase video resolution by a factor of many. Audials automatically recognizes all faces in the video and perfects them with a specially developed AI. The result is a significantly visible level of detail, which ensures impressive image sharpness, especially in close-ups.

Time Estimation for AI Enhancements

Audials' AI models allow for a variety of optimizations, which can take different amounts of time depending on the computing power of the system used. The new version therefore offers an automatic time estimation for all available models and options. This allows the user to select the desired improvement and plan the time required for it.

Ensuring Hardware Compatibility

To avoid frustrating experiences, Audials now detects during video optimization configuration whether the system's hardware is powerful enough. This prevents overloading of the graphics card (GPU) and long waiting times.

Expanded Selection of AI Models

Version 2024.1 of Audials offers an even larger selection of AI models, named after stars. Nine upscaling models, four frame rate increase models, and two color space converters (HDR generators) leave nothing to be desired. Thanks to the intuitive user interface with previews for all models, choosing the perfect video enhancement is easy.

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Audials AG is a leading software company specializing in the recording of audio and video streams. Audials technology has received numerous awards from the international specialized press and has been crowned winner in public polls on multiple occasions. The products are available online at or at specialist retailers. Audials One can also be obtained on a subscription basis exclusively on Audials software is optimized for Microsoft Windows (Windows 11, 10) and is also available as an app for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS. 

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