Exporting to and importing from a cloud storage. Learn how you can use Audials to manage your online music and movie collection

Step-by-step instructions on how to use Audials to organize your music and video files on a cloud

What is a cloud?

Simply put, a cloud storage is a virtual space available from anywhere over the internet that you can use to host and organize your data collection. One of the major benefits of using such a resource is that once you sign up, you are given a significant amount of free storage space that you can later increase for very little cost; plus, it’s reliable, it does not require too much maintenance and you are assured that your most treasured information is kept safe in case your computer has a breakdown.

Unlike the traditional storage model, a cloud does not have a physical presence, which makes it much more convenient and easy to organize and, on top of that, you are able to use it from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.

Audials can make it easier for you

Audials simplifies everything even more by offering you a fast way to access both your computer and your online files and manage them as you please in one go. Plus, by making use of the other features in Audials, you can put together a music and movie playlist that you can easily copy to your online storage and add to your already existing collection.

Audials - your source for entertainment in the Cloud

That’s right! You can now organize your cloud media storage directly with Audials. Audials Software offers you the possibility to easily access your online music and video collection: whether you only want to play your favorite tracks, transfer them to your PC or simply export some media files to a cloud, Audials can do that for you. Once you configure your cloud storage account, Audials will process your online file collection and make it available for you to use as if it was already on your computer. 


Take your pick

You can now easily benefit from all the cloud computing goodness out there because Audials is compatible with most of the major online storage providers. Pick a cloud and back up your media collection!

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