Universal Converter, Media Management, Media Duplicator, Media Processing

With Audials One you can convert over 100 file formats for movies, videos, podcasts and music and convert them with predefined device profiles for your PC, games console, tablet and smartphone. Audio books can also be converted using a special technique. Legal copying of DVDs is also possible. Audials One also has a lot to offer when it comes to organizing, transferring and editing media.


Movies, video clips and DVDs can be converted into 45 video file formats

Audials One can import protected or unprotected video files that have been downloaded from the internet or imported from DVD and convert them into other video file formats.

Audials Video Converter

Format Converter

For videos and movies, you can select a device profile optimized for your player and you will receive video files optimally adapted to your screen resolution and the performance of your devices with the most suitable output format and without any loss of quality.

Audials DVD copier

Archiving DVDs

The durability of purchased movie DVDs is often limited even if handled with care and properly stored.

Audials One will create a legal private copy in the original resolution, with all the parts and different languages in the highest possible quality.

Included video file formats

Audials One processes the following 45 major video file formats

Video Input Formats
Video Output Formats
3GP3GP (H.264)
MPEG4 (H.264)WMV (wmv7)
WMV (wmv9) 

Manufacturers of supported smartphones, tablets, mobile players and game consoles

Windows computers as desktop PCs or notebooks, Android smartphones and tablets, Apple devices for iPhone, iPad and iPod as well as game consoles such as Microsoft Xbox, Sony Play Station or Nintendo are supported with their own profiles. The following manufacturers are included in Audials One with device profiles:

Manufacturers of Supported Smartphones, Tablets, Mobile Media Players and Gaming Consoles

If your device is not listed, you can quickly and easily select the appropriate format with the predefined parameter settings. There are other individual solutions for ambitious lovers of media:

Create Individual Video Profiles

In Expert Mode, you can create your own profiles based on the performance of your target device. Choose the container and codec that provides the best results. Then set the bitrate and, in the case of videos, the frame rate and frame size you want to use. Audials has no limits when it comes to the available optimization options for converting. You can either copy and modify existing profiles as a basis for your profile, or create your own profile from scratch. The following parameters can also be defined individually:



The container describes the output format and file extension of converted audio and video files. Video files include 3GP, 3G2, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4 and WMV, and audio files include FLAC, ACC, AIFF, AU, CAF, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, WMApro etc.



The codec determines how the file contents are saved. Audials always distinguishes between audio and video codes, which must be specified each time. For example in the case of an MP4 file, you may use an MPEG-4 codec for the video track and an AAC for the audio track. Only by using the correct codecs will you be able to play the output file on your playback device.



The bitrate allows you to set the quality and size of the output file for both audio and video formats. Bitrates for audio files range from 24-320 kbps, and bitrates for videos from 64-29,040 kbps. You also have the option of retaining the original bitrate. Additional bitrates are also supported.



The frame size determines the definition of the output file for your playback device. The degree of pixel definition ranges from 128x96 up to 1920x1080 (full HD). You may also retain the original size or customized sizes.



The frame rate indicates the amount of individual frames per second. The standard setting is 25 fps (frames per second). The frame rate can range from 6 to 60 fps.


Audiobooks, music and other audio files can be converted into 40 audio file formats

Spotify, Deezer and other streaming services offer audiobooks as audio streams. Audials can record these streams to record audiobooks for you and save them as an MP3, WMA or AAC. Audiobooks are also available as downloads from Audible. Audials also helps here with converting in top quality:


Car radios, stereo systems and many other devices are often unable to play audiobooks with DRM copy protection. This can be extremely annoying. Audials is able to legally and quickly resolve this problem for you:

Simply drag the audiobook into Audials with your mouse, then click the Start button and in minutes you will receive an hour-long audiobook converted to an MP3, WMA or ACC!


You can use Audials to convert audiobooks with and without chapters into MP3 files for all devices. Audial's audiobook libraries, like Apple iTunes, provide a virtual CD-ROM drive. Audials then burns the audiobook virtually into top-quality MP3 files.

Quickly and easily convert audio files into other file formats

Audials software converts all types of unprotected and protected audio files reliably and in top quality. Simply import the file, select your desired target format and off you go!

Audio Input Formats
Audio Output Formats


Audials manages large volumes of media on all devices

Audials offers an abundance of possibilities to structure your music collection according to various criteria to suit your individual taste and personal preferences. Audials is also great at managing music and movies on your PC and in the cloud and at transferring them quickly and easily to mobile devices.

Fill up your mobile devices

Fill Up Your Smartphone With Music

Audials One immediately detects when a smartphone is connected to the PC via a cable. In Audials One's music collection, you can view the music files that are on your PC and smartphone in a shared overview and simply transfer the music you want in no time.

What's also great about Audials is that you can set your connected smartphone as the storage location, so that the music is then directly transferred to your mobile device!

Audials Radio Apps

Audials Radio Apps

Audials Radio Apps lets you connect your home PC to your Android smartphone or tablet via the internet to transfer music wherever you are in the world.

The Audials Apps have a whole lot more to offer

Media library

Total Transparency

Audials One provides you with a high level of comfort and many different ways to browse and structure your media. With folders for artists, subfolders for albums and hits, Audials makes life easy for you.

You can define how your collection is structured according to your own rules and even have Audials restructure it.

Manage your media in maximum comfort

Audials One also helps you to organize and manage your music collection and video library according to your taste. You can use all types of storage devices: your PC hard drive, connected smartphone, clouds, DVDs & CDs thanks to the burner, SD cards, USB sticks, network drives and also NAS storage.

Music Explorer

Audials offers various views and ways to browse your music collection. Whether you like it the modern way or prefer it old school like on Windows Explorer and with a folder-based structure, you can organize all of your artists, albums and music tracks in a tree-like structure and of course edit the tracks directly.


Tailored to Your Needs

A lot of things have already been planned on Audials One to make things easier for you. This means that all your generated files are automatically and appropriately named without you having to worry.

However, you can also customize this: Choose from over 25 included file name guidelines. Or even define your very own rules for how you want the file names and paths to be determined based on the tags of the music tracks and movie files.

What's best is that entire media collections can be reorganized at any time!

Comes With Cloud Management

Audials One uses its own media management to store all media on your PC or directly to a connected cloud. Microsoft One Drive, Google Play and Dropbox are among the preconfigured options.


A whole lot of convenient functions for music and movies

Audials offers a very high level of comfort when it comes to raising large collections of media to a uniformly high professional standard.

Lyrics and ID3-Tags

Audials One automatically adds lyrics, album images and all of the ID3 tags to songs. In addition to this, details can be changed manually using a tag editor.

However, you can also have music collections that do not originate from Audials automatically tagged afterwards by Audials, thereby ensuring that your music collection is of a uniform high standard.

Movie Enhancement

Audials One can also be used to add the necessary details to movies and series. Audials One searches the internet and provides you with short descriptions, a list of actors, the director, genre, and a whole lot more of information to save.


Audials One comes with an optimized audio editor for editing music tracks and creating your own ringtones.


Especially when editing large collections of music, Audials provides assistance with the mass processing.

For example, if a spelling mistake is found in an ID3 tag of an artist's name, Audials One can quickly and easily correct all of the affected tracks.

Duplicate Management

Audials can manage multiple versions of songs. In this case, the best version will be displayed directly and all other versions only if required.

This means you can hold on to other versions without them interfering with your collection. Audials One also offers a powerful tidying mode for deleting duplicates.

The Best Overview

The table views have proved their worth, especially in the case of larger music collections: If you have a large number of media files, you can view a large amount of attributes in the form of tags all at once and sort them according to any criteria.

You can also conveniently edit many lines at the same time.