Tidal to MP3

What is the best way to save music streaming to file?
How can I convert Tidal to MP3?

At a glance: This tutorial shows in only three steps how you can record Tidal to MP3 music files

Step 1: Download, install and open the Tidal recorder software "Audials Music"

Step 2: Play back the music in the Tidal app

Step 3: Audials Music automatically saves the music

Below, you will see in detail how to record Tidal.



Step 1: Download, install and open the Tidal recorder software "Audials Music"

Download for free the Windows software Audials Music and install it. A registration is not necessary. Start Audials Music and switch to “Music Streaming”. Select e.g. MP3 as the desired audio file format from “Format” on the downside of your screen.


Step 2: Play back the music in the Tidal app

Now click on the tile with the titleTidal“ in the Tidal converter Audials Music. Then go to the Tidal streaming service and play back the music that you would like to capture. 


Step 3: Audials Music automatically saves the music

The Tidal audio streaming is automatically recorded and the music saved as single MP3 files.

That´s it! Now you know how you can save Tidal music. 

This streaming recorder has the advantage of preconfigured settings for recording and saving audio from the most popular streaming platforms. All other audio streams can be recorded with the program’s three different streaming methods. Using the preconfigured recording settings, you can download music from Tidal with ease.



We wish you will enjoy our Tidal recorder software "Audials Music"!



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For its core functions Audials software has received accolades regularly from trade publications and is therefore beloved by millions of users around the globe. Furthermore, Audials software provides its users with a high degree of convenience and additional functions at no extra charge. Get on board today!

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About Tidal

Tidal is a paid music streaming software. The service is available on mobiles, tablets, computers and network players. Tidal offers 60 million tracks, 240,000 music videos and is available in 53 countries, e. g. in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Portugal and Germany.

Since April 2015, WiMP has been changed to Tidal.com. Users with an existing WiMP account can lock in here. Tidal is owned by popular artists under the lead of Jay-Z. Tidal aims to differenciate their service by providing special content like streams to live concerts.

The recording function of Audials is not affected by this change! The process stays just like described above.


Please note

Music from Tidal™ is copyrighted. Any redistribution of it without the consent of the copyright owners may be a violation of the law in most countries, including the USA. Audials AG is not affiliated with Tidal™, nor the company that owns the trademark rights to Tidal™. This page is provided for compatibility purposes only, and in no case should be considered an endorsement of Audials Software products by any associated 3rd party.


You've already noticed?

Recording Tidal is not the only thing Audials Music can do. You can record songs from Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube and other sources, too.

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